Apple Touch Disease Fix will come in the form of a $149 repair credit


A large amount of time was spent talking about the Note 7 recall, but there was an Apple phone with an issue as well. Apple Touch Disease has plagued plenty of handsets, and as of today we finally know what the Apple Touch Disease fix will be…

We are not sure who came up with the moniker “Touch Disease” but we are thankful as we didn’t want to go through another gate this year. If you are wondering what that is exactly, it’s an issue known to spring up on the iPhone 6 Plus with reports of it on the regular 6 as well. It would cause various display issues including flickering and issues with touch obviously. Apple hasn’t fully admitted there is a problem, but that are issuing a Apple Touch Disease fix… of sorts.

Apple will offer up half-price repairs to iPhone 6 Plus users which means an Apple repair center will fix you up for $149. That’s quite a bit cheaper than what you would normally have to pony up, and if you previously had your handset repaired, they will give you back some cash as well. That said, the company did not come out and say there was an issue related to Bendgate, but that the issue appears “after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress.”

Despite lawsuits and pitchforks, it appears Apple will not admit their fault with this one, but will offer up consumers something in return for their troubles. It certainly took long enough, and while the regular iPhone 6 experienced some issues of its own, we will have to settle for their Apple Touch Disease fix on the iPhone 6 Plus for now.



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One thought on “Apple Touch Disease Fix will come in the form of a $149 repair credit”

  1. Ryan says:

    When has Apple ever admitted to anything being wrong with one of their phones? You’re holding it wrong, don’t keep it in your pocket, don’t touch it too much, heh. Fail.

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