LG V30 may lose its secondary display

The LG V20 hasn’t been around for long, but we are already getting wind on the next release. Yup, LG V30 rumors are in the pipeline, and one feature may not make the cut.

Evan Blass was one of the first people to leak the LG V10, and he was back again this year with the LG V20. It goes without saying that we expected him to bring word of the LG V30 next year when it arrives as well. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait nearly that long as apparently the leaker has obtained renders of the LG V30 well ahead of prime time.

@evleaks has taken to Twitter with a cryptic tweet about LG’s upcoming V20 line. He claims to have renders of the LG V30 already and that it will arrive without that secondary ticker-style display. What will it be replaced with? We have no idea, but we assume it will either have a new and improved type of ticker or something totally different up top. If they just killed it altogether without adding anything new, it wouldn’t really belong in the V family.

Another interesting thing to take away from the leak is the possible release date. While Blass said he just had “renders” that means they may bump up the release date as this is extremely early to hear anything of note. Needless to say, we will keep you updated as we learn more about the upcoming flagship.


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