New Nokia smartphone tipped to debut with high-end specs


There was quite a bit of buzz in the mobile world last week when Nokia finally unveiled their plans for the future. While their plans are still somewhat vague, we know they are due to enter the smartphone world again next year. Now we know what one of their handsets may have under the hood thanks to a new leak.

While news of a new Nokia smartphone is certainly something to get excited about, many are still leery considering the company won’t actually “produce” their own handsets. HMD and Foxconn will take care of that as the company aims to make an impact in 2017. A new flagship would certainly do the trick, which is what we’ll discuss today.

A leak from the wild world of Weibo has shed a bit of light on one handset, which we expect to sell quite well if things pan out. According to the leak, the new Nokia flagship model will come with two display sizes. One will be 5.2-inches and the other 5.5-inches although both will sport touchscreen panels with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.

They will have a metal shell as well to go along with waterproofing and a Zeiss certified rear snapper. We don’t know the RAM or storage yet, but the processor is rumored to be the Snapdragon 820. Not necessarily good news if this is to be their “flagship” model of 2017.

For Nokia to make a mark, they need to product a handset that can go toe-to-toe with the best brands around, and an SD 820 is going to be very dated unless the handset drops in the next month. That doesn’t appear to the be the case, which means the new Snapdragon 835 will be a direct competitor along with the Snapdragon 821, the current chip of choice. That said, it’s just a rumor for now so take those specs with a dose of salt.

Nokia and BlackBerry are two of the older brands that have struggled mightily in the smartphone age, but we’ve seen signs of BB coming around, which gives us hope for Nokia. It may take a while to get things where we’d like to see them, but if the company can produce a “solid” smartphone next year with an affordable price tag they will be on the right track.

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