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Some developers drop games with abandon while others are a bit slower with their releases. The Tomorrow Corporation falls into the latter category but their games are always worth the wait. In this case, it’s Human Resource Machine which has just landed on Android.

If you haven’t played one of The Tomorrow Corporation’s games, you are in for a treat. While Human Resources Machine is far different than World of Goo or Little Inferno, the overall aesthetic is the same. Their games live in the same strange universe, and Human Resource Machine fits in there nicely. It’s a puzzler just like Goo, but unlike that sticky title, this one is all about programming.

human resources machine

Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game at heart, but it’s one with a twisted tale. You are a nameless employee with one job… to sort data from the inbox to the outbox. That mindless task is made fun through puzzles which in turn will actually teach you about coding. The puzzles vary from simple to sending you running to YouTube for search of tips. It’s humorous as well and there is plenty of content with over 40 puzzles out of the gate.

HRM has a lot going for it but will certainly not be a game for everyone. That said, if you had ever considered programming but found it too difficult, you will want to check this one out. The same can be said for folks that just appreciate a good brain teaser as this one is going to make you rage quit in the latter stages. You can pick up Human Resource Machine for $4.99 on Google Play.

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