ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet up for pre-order with Canvas Display


Yesterday, we told you about a new smartphone with an E-ink display and now it’s time to turn our attention towards tablets. The ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet isn’t your typical slate, but it does have a digital pencil and a very interesting display.

Touchscreen displays are remarkable and honestly, we don’t know where we would be without them now that we have them. That said, there is a place for e-readers and those slick surfaces have drawbacks when it comes to writing or doing digital doodles. Enter the ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet, a new slate geared towards consumes looking for a device that can offer the “feel” of paper without all the extra bulk.

The ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet panel is dubbed a “Canvas Display” and features a high-friction surface which is said to make it feel like actual paper. This is key for people that don’t like writing on slick surfaces as taking notes or sketching will feel more natural. In fact, that is the tablets only claim to fame as it has been intentionally dumbed down in regards to the type of extra features you would find on similar slates.


The unique display on the ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet is supposed to be easy on the eyes and the digital pencil allows you to annotate directly to the screen. The slate features an organization system for notes and promises virtually “unlimited” pages and a choice of several types of templates for your notes. As for the sketching, you can see from the screens that it does look realistic and you will get a variety of brushes and tools to work with as well. Here are the tech specs…

  • 10.3-inch monochrome digital paper display 1,872 x 1,404
  • 1GHz ARM A9 processor
  • 512MB of DDR3L RAM
  • 8GB of storage (100,000 pages)
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • Wi-Fi
  • Codes linux-based OS
  • 177mm x 256mm x 6.7mm 350grams

The ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet is what we would call a specialty gadget, and while it appears to hit the mark for a certain crowd, it’s not going to be cheap. Well, it will be affordable for a limited time if you’re willing to pre-order as you’ll save a whopping 47% off the usual retail price. You are also going to have to wait a while.

August 2017 is the expected release date for the ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet and the pre-order price is $379 for the limited bundle. That’s down from a retail price of $716 and they will offer up a full refund if you need to cancel before it ships; something you don’t see very often. If you’re interested in the ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet, hit up the link below.

ReMarkable E-Ink Tablet


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