Super Mario Run stumbles as Nintendo stock drops


Last week, millions of iPhone gamers were graced with Super Mario Run. It was a long time coming, and set to be the first “true” mobile game from the company. Well, the tables have turned as it looks like Nintendo stock has dropped soon after the game was released.

Nobody was quite sure what they were going to get with Super Mario Run before it actually dropped. Super Mario Run reviews were nowhere to be seen until the magical day arrived, and then the news slowly turned sour. Sure, plenty of folks are pleased as punch with the title, but the $10 price tag has done more harm than good. Apparently, investors feel the same way as Nintendo stock has fallen more than 7% as of today. That is quite the dip.

While the Super Mario Run for Android release is nowhere to be found, iOS users have been less than kind. Most of the Super Mario Run reviews on the App Store are of the 1 or 2-star variety which has brought the average rating down to a little over 2-stars. Considering many expected a 5-star affair, the anger is not surprising. What is a bit odd is the company’s response to the situation according to the Wall Street Journal.

The main reason the game has tanked is due to the price compared to the actual content. It’s not as “endless” as it seems and many expect in-app purchases to follow. That would throw fuel on the fire for a $10 game, but that may not be the case. The WSJ is reporting that a spokesman for the company has told them they will not release any additional content for Super Mario Run. If that’s the case, what you see is what you’ll get aside from in-game tweaks.

Nintendo is stuck between a rock and a hard place with Super Mario Run. As it stands, the game’s reviews won’t get any better and it can expect the same backlash when it hits Android. If they drop the price, it’s going to irk people that paid the original $10 so it’s a lose-lose situation. If the price stays the same and they continuously add new content for free… that will turn folks around. That said, we are going to take the “no more content” comment with a dose of salt for now as that would be the death knell for Super Mario Run.

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