Apple Eyewear could be in the works with Digital Glasses by Zeiss


Remember Google Glass? It wasn’t too long ago that we were discussing the merits of having a camera strapped to your face. Apple is reportedly working on a similar solution, and while we don’t have a catchy moniker quite yet, they do have a solid partner.

Google Glass may be dead in the water as we knew it, but those Snapchat Spectacles have definitely picked up some steam. They went from being the butt of many jokes to having folks purchase prescription lenses, so there is certainly something to this particular trend. According to a new report, Apple will be teaming up with Carl Zeiss for an eyewear solution of their own.

Apple is reportedly working with Carl Zeiss on a pair of digital glasses that may… or may not be announced this year. The spectacles are said to be of the AR variety and will connect to your handset via Bluetooth to give you a heads-up-display of sorts. The report states that nothing is “solid” and they are currently exploring the idea of a device although it could arrive sooner than later. Especially considering Apple has been leaning towards AR and away from VR for quite some time.

2017 will be a banner year for Apple regardless of any digital eyewear. The iPhone 8 with its rumored Edged panel will be the hottest seller of the year and we may get a matching iPad to boot. If Apple dropped a pair of AR eyeglasses next year it would certainly be a surprise as the usually move at a snails pace when it comes to new devices.

Would you be interested in digital glasses from Apple and Zeiss?

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