Catspad Smart Feeder arrives to help Felines stay Healthy


If you own a pet, you know feeding time can be tricky. Cats are far easier to deal with than dogs, but felines can be fickle. The Catspad Smart Feeder may be able to lend you a hand if you’re concerned about your cat’s health and in need of a high-tech automatic feeder.

It’s taken a while, but the “smart” craze has finally started making its way to pet products. From tracking collars to training tools, there are plenty of choices including gadgets that help you feed your pet. The Catspad Smart Feeder falls into that category and is certainly one of the smarter devices you’ll find in this niche.

The Catspad Smart Feeder is basically an auto-feeding system for your cat with a brain. The pod-like design allows you to put dry food in the top and water at the bottom which gives them an actual water fountain to use. As we all know, some pets prefer running water to bowls so they could be encouraged to drink more H20 through the mini fountain.

It won’t work with wet food, but the feeder will hold up to 3.75 lbs of food and 8 liters of water. That is said to be enough to last one cat for a month, which is good to know if you will be away for a bit. If the internet goes out, you will lose your ability to connect but a battery backup ensures the feeder will continue to work for a month sans power.


While the Catspad Smart Feeder is handy to have when you’re home, it can shine while you are away. As this auto-feeder is smart it works with the Catspad app which allows you to pull off some nifty tech tricks. There are collar tags that can identify multiple cats so you can see if Fluffy is hogging more food than Mr. Gigglesworth. You can also use the cat’s chip and personalize the feeding frequency to keep them slim and trim. Fat cats are funny, but they aren’t the healthiest.

Anyone who owns a pet knows how expensive that can be, and auto-feeders have never been cheap if you want a good one. Thankfully, the Catspad Smart Feeder won’t break the bank as this one is priced at around $207. That’s not much of a jump over solid feeders without a brain, which makes the Catspad Feeder an option if you dig high-tech pet gadgets.

The Catspad Smart Feeder Kickstarter campaign will come to a close on February 4th and this one is ready to roll. They have already surpassed their funding goal with 21 days left on the clock at the time of this writing with the first units set to ship out in May of this year.

Catspad Smart Feeder


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