PocketPower Solar Charger can help your Gadgets go Green


As tech has gotten better, Solar Powered gadgets have gotten considerably cooler. The PocketPower Solar Charger is one of the new breed and it has just hit Kickstarter to keep you powered up while you are on the go.

We have covered our fair share of charging gadgets, and solar power has long been a favorite even if the chargers can be underpowered or underwhelming at times. The PocketPower Solar Charger is one of the more stylish solutions as it consists of a series of panels that can be folded out to charge, and folded away for travel. As the name implies, it will leave a small footprint in your pocket or purse measuring only 142mm x 101mm x 15mm when folded into its smallest form.

When it comes to charging, the PocketPower Solar Charger is rated at 6.4W with an output voltage of 5V and output current of 1.3A. It can be used to charge up a wide variety of USB-based gadgets and the built allows you to use it in some interesting situations. Another perk with this model is the fact that it is tough and easy to clean. They developers even show it working while submerged as you can see from the photo below. It’s dustproof, waterproof and uses a special embossing technique that is said to increase the rate it absorbs light by 5%.


The design of the PocketPower Solar Charger allows for it to be hooked on a backpack easily, but they will sell you one if you are sans a pack. Their Solar Backpack option offers up the charger, a 35L backpack, cable and a couple of carabineers for easy attachment. You could basically play Pokémon GO nonstop with this kind of setup as long as the sun is shining. The company has a power bank as well, which can be added in a bundle.


The minds at Flextech solar gadgets have already surpassed their funding goal for the PocketPower and there’s plenty of time left if you’re interested in showing your support. Early Birds chargers have a price tag of $46 while the Backpack and Powerbank tier begins at $99. Barring any setbacks, the first units are set to ship out in April.

PocketPower Solar Charger


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