IKEA Hacks set to expand through Open Platform furniture


IKEA is one of the cooler places to buy home furnishing and other goods, it’s something most folks can agree on. IKEA Hacks have become increasingly popular over the years as well, and it appears the company has noticed. The company is gearing up to launch the first round of Open Platform furniture dubbed Delaktig beginning next year.

You can’t throw a stone without hitting and IKEA hack as the company’s furniture has been at the top of tinkerers lists for many years. Consumers have found some crazy ways to go with minimal effort although many of us wondered if the company would put out something built for IKEA Hackers. Well, the answer is IKEA Delaktig, which is set to debut in 2018 in the form of simple frame according to the Wall Street Journal.

The first piece of IKEA Delaktig hackable furniture is said to be a simple frame made from aluminum with wooden slats. It will have a cushioned base, so it could be used for seating, lounging, etc… but will have grooves in the frame for bolts. This is where the hacks come in as you’ll be able to easily install additional components onto the frame with ease. That means unless you want to go outside the box, no more drilling for your IKEA hacks as installation should be a breeze.

At this time, no additional modules for the IKEA hacked furniture have been announced. The company will produce some themselves along with third-party manufacturers. That’s where things will get interesting as once the diagrams are out, we expect to see some wild additions including add-ons geared towards the mobile crowd. We don’t have an exact date yet, but the IKEA hackable base is thought to run between $399-$899.

Are you happy to see IKEA open things up for hackers?

via – The Verge


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