Scollar Mini is an Expandable Smart Collar for Fido or Fluffy


Since the whole “smart” craze began, we have seen plenty of products geared towards our four legged friends. The Scollar Mini smart collar is one of them, and looks to be a solid solution if you want to keep tabs on your pets throughout their lifetime.

As any pet owner knows, losing your pet in the wild is about as scary as it can get. Especially if they are a house pet and do not know how to act outdoors. There are a number of tracking solutions available for your favorite four legged friend including the Scollar Mini. While there are similar solutions on the market, this one will work for a smaller cat or dog and has several features to ensure it may be the last collar you’ll ever need.

First and foremost, the Scollar Mini collar is a GPS tracker. It has a built-in GPS system and is based on an open platform with the future in mind. What’s more, there are “NO” fee’s charged for tracking, which is something that’s become increasingly rare. It may not be as full-fledged as some options, but you can’t beat free folks. When used in conjunction with the app, a slew of new options become available including medication reminders and individualized information for each pet in your home.

scollar mini smart collar

As the name implies, the Scollar Mini smart collar is also expandable. You’ll be able to adjust it as your friend grows and it has wireless charging to boot. We don’t know how much the animals will dig that charging block, but it is nice to have an option to leave the collar on when the battery is low. The Scollar Mini also sports a tappable mini display, a buzzer and Bluetooth to go along with two module slots.

Another reason we dig the Scollar Mini is because you can expand its functionality. The open source nature is a plus, and those module ports will allow you do extend your capabilities. Some of the functions mentioned include invisible fencing, pet doors, feeders, and health monitoring. At this time, the Wi-Fi Base Station and a Perimeter Barrier module are the only two options available.


The Scollar Mini expandable collar has already hit its goal and this one comes to a close soon on February 23rd. That means you will want to act fast if you want the Scollar Mini at a discount from its expected retail price of $149. Hit up the link below if you want to learn more about the Scollar or show it some funding love.

Scollar Mini smart collar


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