Android Nougat 2.0 update on Samsung Galaxy Devices; It is happening finally!


Roger’s OS upgrade schedule is out, and it certainly has some incredible news for Samsung mobile fans. As per the schedule, Android Nougat 2.0 update is all set to get integrated with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The prospective date for the launch of the newly equipped devices is said to be 20th of March. At present, the flagship devices of Samsung operate on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1.

Android Nougat 2.0 update on Samsung Galaxy


The much talked about Nougat update has some amazing features that make it the most wanted OS till date. It offers the ability to run two applications on the same screen. It also offers extended battery life to the mobile and has some new emojis in store for the users.

Initially, the update access was scheduled to be released on February end. But, due to some concern regarding the quality, the South Korean Company delayed the release. The release is set to upgrade the performance of the mobile. It also offers striking appearance changes.

Samsung has fought a tough battle last year when it pitched hard to get the monthly Android security updates on devices. And now it is ready with the latest Android Nougat 2.0 update on its devices.

What next?

As soon as the Nougat update will be available, all the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users will see a notification on their mobiles. Notification addressing the link to download the “update”. However, you can also search for the update manually. Launch the mobile settings and go to about phone menu and then software update.

Reportedly, Samsung S6 users have started getting the updates on their mobiles and are now enjoying the features of the updated Android Nougat 2.0 since last month. However, as per a survey, 90 percent of the users are still complaining of the unavailability of the update on their smartphones.


The Android Nougat 2.0 update offers major improvements and upgrades. It makes it the most advanced software release of Google till date. The striking features of this update include launcher shortcuts, new emoji, and Google’s new GIF keyboard. All these updates add 3D-Touch-esque features to the home screen of the smartphones.

As of now, the update is available for the customers who have purchased the mobile directly from Samsung or for those who operate on a SIM that has Android 7.0 Nougat already installed. For all those who operate via a contract with mobile network dealers, the wait will be a little longer availing the features on their phones.

All the major operators are recommended to test the update that Samsung is releasing. This test is before offering it further to their consumers. This is suggested to ensure that no bugs are present in the update at the time it is downloaded on any mobile.

Hope this is a great news for all Samsung S7 and S7 Edge users! They will soon be a part of the new wave of technology very soon.

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