Make your device like a Windows Phone one!


Over the weekend, Microsoft revealed what we already knew as a public secret. Namely, Windows Phone is currently not the plan for development in Microsoft, coming at a halt. Joe Belfiore, the corporate vice president, brought the news through a series of tweets. Security updates will continue to be pushed, but other than that, the operating system is coming at a stop. So, for all of you Microsoft fans and adopters out there, sorry for your loss. But, adapting to either an Android or iPhone device is easy – and I will show you how to do it.

Just to note – most of the mentioned applications can be found for both operating systems, but Android does offer more customization. The option for a custom launcher can make it even look like an actual Windows phone. Nevertheless, whichever side you choose, you still have your options.

Get your applications

Almost all of the tools that Microsoft offers are available on both platforms. Skype, Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote are among the popular ones. The full office suite is available also: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Even the Xbox app is here if you happen to own one. Grab all of those applications in your device and log in with your Microsoft credentials. As soon as that is finished – you’re good to go! Everything will be synced up from your previous devices and PC.


Happen to use Cortana a lot? Well good for you – you can find it in both the Play Store and the Apple Store! Everything that you missed from your Windows phone device is here.  Browsing for news, setting reminders and calendar events and listening to bad jokes. Plus, there are additional features such as application notifications coming on your PC. That way you will never miss if some of your friends texts you an urgent meeting while you’re working.

Get the Microsoft Launcher (Android only)

If you jumped on the Android train, you can take your device a step further. Microsoft recently released the preview of the Microsoft launcher. Reassembling a little of the Microsoft platform, it is a beautiful and highly customizable launcher. It offers some of the basics as other ones, and swiping on the right it offers you the Feed cards. Think of this like Google Now – customizable cards that can show you the weather, news, calendar, quick links to your contacts and more. The best feature though is Continue on PC. With this, you can continue working on your documents, photos or anything else, on your PC. You can sign up for the preview here.

Microsoft Edge

An honorable mention goes to Microsoft Edge, as it is still in early preview on mobile devices. You can sign up for testing here, but be aware of bugs. When it comes out though, it will have all of the features it has on Windows PCs. Reading lists, Favorites, Reading view – everything will be here. Plus, you will be able to sync up all of your bookmarks across your devices, and as with the launcher, Continue on PC.

And that’s it! Your new device now will have everything that you miss from your previous Windows phone, and you can further enhance it with all the other features the respecting platforms offer. We’re curious to see your new devices getting the Microsoft treatment, so share them in the comments below!

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