iOS 11 – top five features!


With the recent release of the newest iPhone lineup, Apple proved again why it is the most successful company in the world. The 8 and 8 Plus are for those that don’t want to compromise the previous design, while getting the newest hardware. The X on the other hand is packing brand new features and a glorious edge-to-edge design. You can check out more about the iPhone X here. All of these devices are powered by the newest version of iOS. And now, it is available for the previous versions of the iPhone and iPad. Here are the top five features of the iOS 11.

Screen capture video and screenshots

The newest (and long awaited) feature of the operating system is the ability to record the screen of your device. Finally, you can capture your desired moments from the screen and make a video without downloading any additional applications. On the other side, screenshots get more enhanced features. Namely, you can add quick annotations, like a pencil draw or highlighter, without going to the Photos app. After you are done editing, you can instantly share that screenshot, or delete it if you don’t need it.

Control center

The control center gets a new visual overhaul with the newest iteration of iOS. All of the controls feature new design, following the modern trends already found in other competitors. Aside from that, for the first time ever you can also customize the control center. In the settings, you can remove or add any desired features from the panel. That will certainly make the control center far more usable than before.


Do not disturb while driving

While this shouldn’t be “a feature”, you will not receive any notifications while you’re driving. When activated, if you receive any text, the senders will receive a respond that you’re driving and that you’ll contact them as soon as you stop. This should go without saying – don’t text while you’re driving, please! Nevertheless, it’s a nice safety feature to be had.

Files manager

Finally, many prayers are heard! With iOS 11, all iPhone and iPad users will have a native file manager – Files! This will replace the dreadful iCloud Drive and collect all documents from your iOS devices and iCloud. Then, you can easily manage these files – open, move, or delete – and apply that to all of your devices.  IPad users can even drag and drop files around their device. This will make managing another document in split screen, at the same time, possible.


The Notes application also got great new features that can be found in top applications like Evernote or OneNote. Namely, you can search for handwritten notes, both scanned or written with the Apple Pencil. Monospaced text is also available, plus the option to alter the paper look of the notes. Accompanying these features is the ability to scan documents natively through the app. That will make all of those written documents and notes easily accessible on your device.

Are there any other features that we missed in our roundup? Do share them in the comments below.

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