How to get affordable ID badges for your company


A company’s first need is to maintain a safe and sound work area. If a company lacks at it then there is merely any chance of company’s progress. The best solution to keep a perfect check if the company’s working is of issuing ID cards. These cards are issued only to those individuals which are capable of working in the said company. When only card holders are permitted to come in the building there is no risk factor.

ID Badges Advantages

These ID cards in addition to the individual’s name contain its particulars, built-in trackers that help you to keep an eye at what an individual is doing, which activities he is performing, is he fair in his work etc. ID badges have these advantages:

  • 100% security assurance
  • Complete data about the working staff
  • Access to defined areas
  • Distinguish between employees and strangers
  • Cashless payments
  • Automatic attendance

Thanks to recent digital technology which offers you the facility of creating Custom ID cards with only simple equipment like a printer, a scanner, and a computer. If you are not a technically minded person then many websites are there to help you while making these security ID cards and badges. These two user-friendly websites IDcreator.com and ArcadiaID.com have easy to learn programs which facilitate the small-scale entrepreneurs to make cost-effective but highly professional ID badges and security cards.

These websites offer a sequential procedure for the multi-purpose and multi-tasking ID cards. These steps are easy to follow but provide you very tight security which you want. You can create simple photo ID cards and magnetic coding strips photo ID cards. Before making a badge or an ID card you must have card holder’s necessary information such as name, photo, and email, date of birth, address, province or country, company’s name, company status and timings if necessary.

Five steps to Create ID Badges

You have to follow five easy steps while creating your own customized identification badge.

  1. Getting all basic information that should be on the badge or ID card.
  2. Selecting a design from the given templates or developing your own pattern.
  3. Adding the basic information by following the template as name, number, picture, position, timings and company name.
  4. Using your own imagination make some changes in the pattern offered by templates such as background color, font style, text color and much more.
  5. Selecting the type of card as bleed space or slot punch.

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