Official 2012 Olympics Samsung Galaxy S3 & details

After weeks of speculation we now know when the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be unveiled to an expectant world in only a few weeks time. The new smartphone is also tipped to be the official device for the 2012 London Olympics as consumers wait for one of the most wanted handsets to be released.

The device will be showcased in London on Thursday May 3rd with a special event that is a move similar to what rival Apple uses for the iPhone. Fans of the previous two versions of Samsung’s flagship device have great expectations of what the latest version will bring with some tasty specs rumoured to be coming.

We have heard rumours that the device will feature a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with a 1280 x 720 resolution, packed into a slim form factor, and powered by an Exynos quad-core processor clocked at either 1.5 or 1.8 GHz. It has also been claimed that third-party resellers have placed record pre-orders for the handset with Samsung based on the huge success the previous versions have enjoyed.

Meanwhile an article over at is claiming that Samsung is planning a massive international rollout for the Galaxy S3 in the summer, and it will be the official device for the 2012 summer Olympics. This is why Samsung will unveil the device at an event held in London, but the company will also hold simultaneous events in New York, Dubai, and Seoul according to sources.

Sources are also claiming that the Galaxy S III will release with two colour options, with one being white and the other blue and black. Consumers will be offered the device in both 16GB and 32GB storage options with the smartphone possibly being the biggest rival to Apple’s next iPhone due to release some time this year.

The Galaxy S3 should also come running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but the device has a lot to live up too since its predecessor has done so well. Are you waiting to upgrade to the Galaxy S3?

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  • Whereisthespacebar

    i will be the first indian to buy the galaxy s3

  • Rob Baron30

    I will be first polish to buy th galaxy s3 !!!

  • Abdalla Thani

    a must buy phone.. cant wait for the showcase in DUBAI ..

  • Lenny Mow

     Can’t wait until this comes out! I finally have a phone worthy of an upgrade, and is not a crap iPhone!!!!!!!!! Hurry up May!

  • David Dinan

    I will be the first Australian!

  • harry x

    I will be the last Malaysian to buy this phone. lol. I’m excited to see how it performs but I will stick with my Nexus right now and wait until the S III price drops or wait for the next Nexus.

  • Jrojun

    si kirby bhala sa note ko swap daw nya! hehe!

  • Sujinlee1999

    I will be the first kiwi to buy te s3!

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