Ultimate iOS 6 features wish list before WWDC

With Apple’s WWDC 2012 beginning on June 11 there are only a few more days to speculate about we want to see within iOS 6. We say only a few more days, as we’re pretty sure that we’ll be hearing much more about iOS 6 at the event, hopefully a preview and also a possible release just around the corner. With that in mind we’ve put together an ultimate iOS 6 wish list.

We’re not so hopeful about iPhone 5 news just yet though as the focus of WWDC does seem to be about software rather than hardware. By this time next week we reckon we’ll have heard the lowdown on iOS 6 and we’ll be able to see which of the following ideas have come to fruition. We’ve put together our list with help from our previous articles and also some selected suggestions in posts from BGR and Wired for inspiration. We think many of the following will be included in iOS 6 though we’ve thrown in the odd curveball to consider.

We’ll start off with three of the aspects that have been pretty well rumored and we’d be surprised if they don’t feature. The new Map app for iOS 6 with 3D mapping has been pretty well documented and so we think this is a done deal at the expense of Google Maps and also Siri for iPad looks very likely along with more Siri functionality. For example Siri could be used for posting social network updates and could be expanded for interaction with third-party apps and also offer more advanced tasks. As well as this we recently told of Facebook integration for iOS 6, although we think this will be pretty basic to begin with.

Other ideas include location-based profiles and actions although this seems less likely. It would be neat though if your phone could customize different settings automatically depending on where you are and also turn off notification sounds in certain locations. Improved multitasking looks likely as well as a new user interface and we think that widgets in the notification center have been a long time coming.

Another option that would be received well we believe, is automatic app updates. Many would appreciate this even if it required a connection to Wi-Fi or being plugged in to a power source to take place. Other inclusions in iOS 6 could be a revamp of current built-in Apple apps such as iTunes and Calendar and also the ability to remove them from the home screen if desired. Another addition could be improved email, possibly with a default for each account or multiple signatures and also the ability to add photos and files directly from the Mail app. Other app improvements could be live dynamic app icons and inter-app communication enabling apps to share data with each other.

Other iOS 6 additions could make more use of the lock screen and there could be new multitouch gestures such as two-finger tapping or swiping to bring up the multitasking bar for example. There could also be AirPlay 1080p mirroring and we also feel that there could be improvements to iCloud with such benefits as iCloud tabs to enable users to open tabs on their iOS browsers that they have open on their desktop browsers. An iCloud keychain also sounds like a good idea to sync iOS devices and Macs.

There are a huge number of ideas then, of things we’d like to see come to iOS 6, some things more functional than others and some more likely to feature than others and now we’d like to hear from readers about what you want to see fulfilled with iOS 6. Are there any additions you have on your iOS 6 wish list that we haven’t already mentioned? Do you think any of the features above are more vital than others and important for your own requirements? Let us know by sending us your comments.


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    Mikesyr18 says:

    I swear if this is just another incremental update I’ll blow a gasket. I have the iPhone 4S and love it, but after waiting a year and a half to see a new smart phone, Apple really did let their fans down. The Mac’s haven’t had a real revamp in years and iOS is due for a new UI that is a little more 2012 looking, but still simple at the same time. We shall see…

    1. 1. I would like to see a Call history log of more than 100 entries. Being in Sales, it sucks to see only entries from as long as the previous day shown in the call history log

      2. The second improvement would be to be able to save a contact while on the phone (headset) with them. Can’t do that right now

      3. Company name not displayed as part of incoming call details. This is hard as I have several people who have the same First/Last name

  2. i think the idea of the phone deciding what settings should be set automatically is wonderful, it sounds like it would help the iphone to be more efficient when it comes to battery life.

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    iOD-Droid says:

    how about shortcuts?  Like having an “app icon” that does a direct call or direct text.  customizing the color of the menus.  iOS is so much more efficient than android, but Samsung, HTC and Motorola are so much more creative–so many more options when it comes to their skins on android.

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    Andrew Paulus says:

    I would also like to see FaceTime and be able to download apps over 3G. I would also like to see WAY more customization for everything plus widgets and more battery improvements. 

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    Ethancowboys says:

    I would like to see different skins/themes for iPhone and iPad. Like instead of just the blue-ish color and grey keyboard, have those be green or red or something.

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    Seth Acapulco says:

    password lockable folders, without having to go though settings each time I pass my kids my iPod.

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    Saham says:

    Hello everyone. IOS 5 introduced the location based reminder. On the other hand, we need something I called “device based reminder”. Let me give you and example:Let say I want to give back Bob’s $10 which I owe him. I want to set a reminder “Remind me to give Bob $10 the next time I saw him”.  It would be good if my phone reminds me whenever Bob’s iPhone is near by  or when the two IOS devices are close enough. I am asking other friends to spread their ideas how apple can make it

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    Sparkymarc34 says:

    I like the idea of being able to reply to a text received in lock screen instead of unlocking iPhone just to reply more Siri features, animated app icons, able to change colour themes on keyboard instead of being grey , improvements to iCloud by able to stream more than 1000 pics

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    Stevey1976 says:

    I personally would like to see some animated wallpaper which is the only thing the android boys seem to have we don’t, not a biggie but nice to have something different.

    1. Smart phones sufer enough from poor battery life. I had Samsung Galaxy 2 with very cool animated wallpaper but the battery would last only few hours. Although the option is nice, i would’t really bother with animation. When my phone screen is ON, it’s because am doing something on it and not looking at the cool wallpapers. If am not using my phone, its in my pocket.

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      Foo says:

      You also have to consider widgets and custom launchers that really help make the user experience more dynamic and personable.  Android has a lot in this respect where iOS does not.  It all depends on what you’re looking for in a device.

      In response to the live wallpaper draining the battery in a few hours, all I can say is that hasn’t been my experience on my Android phone or tablet and I haven’t noticed a difference.  If that was happening to you, perhaps the wallpaper was a poorly written app.

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    Limeberg_1929 says:


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    iPhone Owner says:

    You’re forgetting about the basics.

    Wish list?

    Ok, how about the ability to have TOTAL control over your photos. That is to copy / paste / delete from ANY folder including camera roll to ANY folder including camera roll.

    The ability to Bluetooth files to and from ANY other device.

    The ability to customize the look of the Calendar / font size / borders, etc.

    If Apple doesn’t start to open up it’s tight total-control restrictions on it’s OS, it will lose a HUGE market share once Android / Windows irons out the rough edges to their mobile OS’s.

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      myownfiction says:

       Alot of people, including myself, like the total-control restrictions over iOS. It was one of my main points in buying iPhone for me. The ‘Walled Garden’ that apple products exist in is just how iPhone is, if people don’t like it, let them go to android. Its all personal preference when buying a product. Some people prefer open software whereas some people prefer closed software.

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    Fake MG says:

    I’m going to try to be nice, however, this idea is really stupid. I mean that:

    “there could be new multitouch gestures such as two-finger tapping or swiping to bring up the multitasking bar for example.”

    If you used a 2, or even 3 finger tap or swipe to bring up the multitasking bar then it would render online game controls useless. Even some of my productivity apps would be ruined. This is a rotten way to handle a multitasking bar.

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