Sony Xperia U Android ICS update rollout confirmed

There has been much confusion and frustration over the last few months with regards to hardware receiving the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Certain manufacturers have promised to update devices to the new software only to back track and change their minds, but the Sony Xperia U Android ICS update rollout has been confirmed.

Along with a number of other manufacturers Sony may be getting ready to announce a whole new range of smartphones, but as Android Central are reporting the company has not forgotten about some of its older line up of smartphones.

Some of these that were even released earlier this year are still running the aging Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, with one such device being the Sony Xperia U. This handset has long been promised to be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade but owners of the device are still waiting.

Luckily though it seems that these owners shouldn’t be left waiting too much longer for their handsets to be updated, as the company has announced that the new operating system should be available in only a few weeks time.

Sony took to its official blog and during a question and answers session and posted the following; “The ICS rollout for Xperia U will kick-off within the next few weeks and rollout gradually — more information to follow soon!”

While Sony hasn’t revealed a conclusive date, it’s at least a rough timeframe to work with before anything more accurate is made available. Back in July the company revealed it was still looking at the possibility of upgrading some of its 2011 Xperia range to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

In the meantime many owners will just be hoping to upgrade their device from Android Gingerbread in the coming weeks.


28 thoughts on “Sony Xperia U Android ICS update rollout confirmed”

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    Bianca Vermeulen says:

    good to hear! thinking about buying this phone but now that its finally going to get a ICS upgrade soon, I’m sold! 😀

  2. Reply
    Jamie Will says:

    Been waiting for this because I bought the phone for it and the ICS theme is getting old but after I this update it should allow you to get JB as you can run it on ICS as a trail or something like that I think. 😛

  3. Reply
    andy harmer says:

    Hi just bought Xperia U from CP wharehouse for £95 as a payg upgrade, although I am on sim only rolling deal with tmobile! not put sim in yet. has anyone got ICS on it yet? and any advice gratefully received!

  4. Reply
    djd says:

    It’s not got ics yet and I’ve been told it will be soon, CPW advertise it as a ics phone in their stores which is a con on their part. It’s a decent phone but I’d avoid it on contract because it’s not technologically advanced enough to last a two year contract. The phone also desperately needs the auto task killer in ics because apps stay open even with using a task killer from the market

  5. Reply
    mo says:

    Xperia S and P have got ics now. Why is the U taking so long 🙁 they better be doing something special that is worth the wait! !!!

  6. Reply
    Phantom says:

    The only reason i got thin phone was for the ICS and i have been waiting for like 3 month and nothing! i want my ICS!!!!!!!!!

  7. Reply
    ste says:

    im expecting JB now stuff ics come on sony hurry hurry pull yout finger out. rumer has it new nexus before christmas so jb might be out of date before we even get ICS at this rate gggrrhhh

  8. Reply
    kenue says:

    Even 2011 Xperia models have got ice then why with Xperia u………..??? Please give us a final date as Sept. end is near

  9. Reply
    Arun says:

    I believe this phone’s RAM is an issue. It is limitted to 512MB, and that must be messing the performance of ICS.

  10. its better, if they release jelly bean also for the complere NXT series….
    including Xperia U, soon after this ICS update…!!!!
    I’m glad to use those..!!!!!!

  11. Reply
    Fahad says:

    When will Sony Xperia u get ics Sony said that it will Roll out in quarter 3 and this the end of quarter 3 only 2 days left

  12. Reply
    Akash says:

    I Was Thinking to buy Sony Xperia U but Now i will wait for the upgrade of android Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich

  13. I think its carphone ware house should be done for advertising the xperia u as ics. i have bought the phone from car phone ware house and its running on gingerbread. its still an amazing phone but i would like the ics asap!

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