iPhone 5 is ugly according to voters

We are only a matter of days away now before it is widely believed Apple will finally unveil officially the iPhone 5. Until then all we know about the upcoming device is the numerous alleged component leaks and other speculation on the handsets features and specifications. There have been a number of renders and images appearing of the device though, and according to voters the iPhone 5 is ugly.

There is a poll currently running on Business Insider with the majority of readers taking part in the survey feel the iPhone 5 is ugly. Now it is obvious the image provided on the poll is just some render that has been created going on what rumours have been leaked about what the iPhone 5 may be like.

Common belief is that the iPhone 5 will feature a larger 4-inch display, which has been achieved by Apple making the device slightly longer. There has been a lot of talk of the iPhone finally getting a larger display, as many Android handsets now feature screens that are 4.3-inches and above. The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will feature a display of 5.5-inches, while the iPhone’s closet rival the Samsung Galaxy S3, features a display of 4.8-inches.

At the time of writing the poll has over sixty percent of respondents saying the iPhone 5 is not to their tastes visually. The poll shows an image of an iPhone 4S alongside what could be the iPhone 5, personally we here at Phones Review cannot vote on this one as the Apple smartphone does not even exist yet, but please do have your say.

Meanwhile there are more suggestions that the iPhone 5 will be made available on September 21st, as MacRumors are reporting that they have been tipped off that FedEx is making plans for a “surge volume” event during the period of September 21-24. These ties in with previous suggestions the device would be actually released on this date.

Do you think the iPhone 5 is ugly?

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  • amia

    nobody knows how the iphone 5 looks like and voting before it comes out is stupid

  • apple fan

    yeah it does look ugly if the leaks are true , apple better make sure these pictures are not actually how the iphone 5 looks !!

    • Valtheri

      I’m agree with you, but whatever be iPhone 5 I will buy, I can’t be pass to other phone or android, simply i love iOS & iPhone.

      • http://www.facebook.com/wiradi.martin Wiradi Martin

        So its true what they say. Love is blind

      • http://www.facebook.com/wiradi.martin Wiradi Martin

        So its true what they say. Love is blind

  • Gibbie

    if your that bothered about looks and still want the IOS and new phone ……….. buy a cover for it…… kinda defeating the purpose really, but it would suit until some smartypants brings out something “nicer”

  • techtock

    Even if the leaks are close (which they very well may be) the finish will be much more elegant than those photos. Let’s vote on the yellow plastic Nokia phone next…

  • woody

    All the i phones all ugly and apple tactics are ugly coz other phone providers are overtaking them in the Mobile market there products ain’t as good as the galaxy range so let’s take Samsung to Court they need that billion dollars anyway coz the galaxy s 3 and note 2 will smash i phone sales Samsung all the way S3

  • http://twitter.com/sophareth sophareth

    If true, iPhone 5 is not proportioned and
    without imaginations for Apple. It is ugly
    and 3 time yes.

  • yarrellray

    Iphone very ugly. Galaxy S3 rules.

    • groovyz

      galaxy plastic cover really suck

  • http://twitter.com/julie300657 Julie

    I have been watching this space since the mention of IPhone 5 is
    Nearer to 21st of this month. I canot comment whether it’s ugly or not,
    Since I haven’t seen the handset. Properly.

  • me

    You can certainly tell who the people are that can’t get out of their current phone contract or can’t afford an IPhone. These are some of the people that I refer to. Apple is so far ahead with OS6 that the Samsumgs etc will never catch up. Long live Apple…a company who employs 47,000 in the USA alone and whose profits STAY in the USA!

  • harry

    It’s not about being ugly, but all the leaks just show a iPhone 4s with a larger screen. considering an iPhone 4 user who is just out of his contract, getting a new iPhone would simply be the same phone with a larger screen that’s boring. If the iPhone 5 does look like the renders, most customers would probably return the phone in a month. even the ios looks the same. For me I think it’s a redesigned 4s so as to make it easy for the developers to make apps for a single screen size, along with the phaseout of 3gs i think it’s entirely possible.

  • Barry

    I agree with harry, I dont think people think its ugly, but it is definitely extremely boring and very lazy on apple’s part if it does turn out to be the same as the images floating around at the moment.

  • Jeremy

    Lol, the new iPhone looks extremely ugly and hasn’t even got something to compensate for that. I mean, most apps will run with a pair of ugly black stripes on top and bottom… EPIC FAIL! hahaha

  • Wiyono

    The design is booring

  • HolyCrap

    I think 4S looks much better than 5

  • Jack

    That’s right ! iPhone 5 is ugly

  • AAPL

    definitely ugly. just looks like a stretched out 4s.. wow its finally 4g compatible after how many years? and still no memory expansion? oh wait then they wouldn’t be able to charge an extra $100 for another 16gb when you can buy a 16gb micro sd for $10. Luckily for apple theres a ton of dumb people out there who are willing to camp out for 60 hours to be the first to buy one.. seriously? I own a 4s and like it to an extent but I won’t be buying another one.

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