Google Nexus 7 gets hotter than usual

Back in August Google released the Nexus 7 tablet PC made by Asus and in the time since then the slate has proven to be very popular with fans of the Android platform. This then led to the companies to announce a couple of new models at the end of October along with some price alterations, now though one example of the Nexus 7 has proven to be hotter than usual.

All of us will be guilty of leaving our mobile devices left unattended while they are on charge, and maybe even overnight. As you can see by the image below this may not be such a good idea as according to Phandroid what you are looking at below is someone’s Google Nexus 7 that has gone into meltdown.

This is what happened to a Chinese owner of the Nexus 7 after plugging in the device using the supplied charger, and only leaving it for around three hours before the battery pack apparently melted with the room full of smoke.

There have been cases previously where people have tried to claim a product was faulty, as back in the summer a user complained that his Samsung Galaxy S3 had melted, but later back tracked and said it only happened after trying to repair the device after getting it wet.

This time though there doesn’t seem to be a similar case and the melted device was quickly replaced by Asus, and considering how long the device has now been available for if there was a manufacturing fault we would have seen more cases reported by now.

As you can see from the image the rubberized back panel has completely melted which would have meant a lot of heat was generated, so there could have been a faulty charger or battery unit. There is no doubt though that Asus would be thoroughly investigating the cause just to make sure there isn’t a wider issue.

No matter what mobile product you own it’s never advised to leave them plugged in for long periods of time, especially unattended. Do you charge your devices overnight?


5 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7 gets hotter than usual”

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    William Kisse says:

    All tablets have charge circuitry that makes the charger only supply a maintenance charge after a full charge cycle. It’s perfectly OK to leave on the charger 24/7. Obviously this is a defective tablet.

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    sutt2m says:

    I’ve left my nexus 7 on charge over night since I’ve owned it, I have the UK model and there’s been no problems to date, the nexus 7 its been a pleasure to use, thanks Google your getting it right.

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    Drew Stoiberg says:

    I’m sure there is no voltage spikes in China that would cause a melt down, right! Or maybe an aftermarket charger that puts out more amps then specified, right.

    Don’t blame the tablet until all the facts are known.

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