Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean rollout for T-Mobile USA, check now

It seems strange to some of you that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has yet to see the Jelly Bean update rollout in North America. However, we’re happy to report that T-Mobile are now pushing the update, so you’re advised to check now via your Samsung Kies software to see if you have it yet. While this is great news for those with the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile USA, it’s a little disappointing for those on other carriers such as AT&T, as they still have to play the waiting game.

While it’s easy to put the blame on the likes of Samsung to get Jelly Bean later than other devices, more often than not it’s down to the carriers in the US, which is the case this time. What we do find strange is that T-Mobile USA did not even make an announcement that they would be making the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean available, instead it just appeared – but who’s complaining? Although it’s now showing on their support page.

What has surprised us the most though is when Samsung suggested that Jelly Bean would not be made available for the Galaxy S3 until 2013, which did seem a little strange when you consider that these handsets has seen the update some time ago in other countries; although we did explain the reason for this above.

The Galaxy S3 receiving Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is good in one respect and negative in another because while this is a new version for the handset, it’s not the latest version of Android as 4.2 is. We reported a few days ago that AT&T should also be getting 4.1.1 JB for the Galaxy S3 any day now, so maybe it will appear out of the blue just like T-Mobile.

Speaking of Jelly Bean it looks as though the Motorola Xoom and the Nexus S will not be receiving update 4.2 and will have to stick with 4.1.2. Does seem strange that such old devices received JB long before the newer Galaxy S3, and we all know that these older devices have been struggling to run Jelly Bean.

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  • Larry Shelton

    Got it for T-Mobile 3 hours ago! My S3 rocks! Thanks T-Mobile! !

  • Jarvis Gillespie

    Still no word on when it will be available for US Cellular SMH

  • Soo

    come on att!! I thought you guys would come second at least!!

  • gutty

    Jellybean totally unleashes an already unleashed force within the phone, so far it did my homework, fed the family, walked the dog, and even styled my hair. A big upgrade from ICS, which caused me to run with scissors.

  • Antman

    JB on the SG3… Amazing. Like driving a Porsche.

  • Chris

    This whole Jellybean or any new OS update is a joke for the U.S. I am on Sprint and 3 weeks after the supposed rollout I still don’t have it. Google supposedly picks random serial numbers OK fine but get the damn thing rolled out to all already! 4.2 will be here soon so it’s a joke they can’t even get 4.1.2 out first.

    • Rob

      I cleared the data and forced closed the Google Services Framework and it reset the last time I checked for an update to something like 12/31/1969 and then checked for the update. I had to do it three times but it got me the update from Sprint. Might work for you.

  • Santino

    Since the update my games act weird anyone having the same problem

  • s

    I wish Apple ceased to fool us into believing that their iPhone is so good, it cost quite a lot of money, so now I regret that I got myself a phone that technically is actually old-fashioned. It is unfortunate since they cost so much and therefore can not be replaced as we wish. Actually, it hurts to be cheated.

  • Giddy

    Got it four hours ago! Thanks T-Mobile!!

  • Steven J Dillenschneider

    It has a few cool new features and some that don’t work but overall, I see no performance improvements. I love my phone but, JB is definitely not a selling point!

  • jason headlam

    I have jelly bean on my sprint s3 for weekes now. It was str ange whatvi had to do for my phone to update

  • Adrian Casillas

    Well, from what I read in a article, the AT&T update might come any day now and it’ll be 4.1.2 not 4.1.1 So if that’s true, that’ll be pretty cool.

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