Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update release frustrations

There are still many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 still waiting for the Jelly Bean update to arrive on their handsets, while the first recipients of the new software have been enjoying the new operating system for a number of weeks now. As each week goes by more carriers are announcing the availability of the software with the latest being Vodafone in Australia, but there are still Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update release frustrations for many users.

The carrier took to its website yesterday to announce the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update would start being pushed out to customer’s handsets from Monday the 26th of November at 1PM AEDT via an over the air update. As with most updates this one will see a staggered release so the carrier is asking its customers to be patient while they wait for the update to arrive.

Users can also use the Samsung KIES desktop application to apply the update if they prefer, and comes after we heard that customers of Canadian carrier Rogers would have to wait a little longer for the update to arrive on their phones.

There are still many Galaxy S3 owners in both the UK and US still waiting for the update, with customers of T-Mobile recently started to see the new software in the US after Sprint beat everyone to the punch and released it first, but we are still waiting for customers of both AT&T and Verizon to get access to the Jelly Bean firmware.

This comes as Google have recently started to rollout Android 4.2 to Nexus devices and you would have thought it wouldn’t be too many months before this was released for the Galaxy S3. The later Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software has been tipped to begin rolling out to the Galaxy S3 from next month with the software already being tested by Samsung, and an early leaked ROM of the software has even been seen running on the older Galaxy S2.

Android 4.1.2 is also believed to bring a number of features that are already found on the Galaxy Note 2, but this is at a time where many owners are still running Android ICS. It’s becoming a growing problem on the Android platform with handset manufacturers pushing out software updates, only to see the various carriers holding them up, with some more guilty than others.

While there is nothing wrong with Android 4.0, owners of the Galaxy S3 may have friends that have the same handset but on a different carrier showing off the new features that Jelly Bean brings to the smartphone.

Are you still waiting for Jelly Bean to arrive on your Galaxy S3?


30 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update release frustrations”

    1. Orange have said they are still testing jellybean on the S3 because of the quick-tap features which is totally rubbish as its been released to sim-free phones.
      4.1.2 is out soon so could be next christmas when we get that.

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    Curt Kent says:

    I’m on orange UK and have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I give up. Can’t be bothered to wait any longer. I’m buying an LG Nexus 4.

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    SexciiP says:

    I have Verizon Wireless, and I’m still waiting on my Jelly Bean update. We were promised by Samsung that we’d see the update by mid November. Well it’s almost December, and VZW has yet to release our update. It’s really sad to see how slow Verizon is with releasing updates to their devices.

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      Troller says:

      what’s the difference between “Mid November” and “Almost December”?! I guess just 7 days maximum. You so impatient suddenly?!

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    Ruth Wood says:

    On T-mobile UK……they are going to have to work really hard when their contact comes up for renewal…..appalling service….

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    KevTN says:

    I am sick at all the crap of Verizon with their slow updates and dictatorship…I propose that Google negotiate that all updates maybe pushed by the manufacturers of said android phones and not by the carriers, or have a stated deadline of say two weeks from the time the software is received. This pure hostage taking..

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    SteveS says:

    I’m on T Mobile UK my friend has had Jelly Bean on their S3 for weeeeeeks. No updates on the usually useless Kies (daily updates to that now too) What makes it worse is that T Mobile has managed to remove the “Software Update” option from the “About Device” menu so no OTA updates either

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    yep says:

    I think I’m going to get rid of at&t. I’m tired of them screwing with my phone that I paid alot of money for.

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    linda says:

    I bought my Galaxi about 2 weeks ago and I have my Jelly bean update already. I love sprint. been with them 10yrs now.

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    operez1972 says:

    AT&T always wait too long. They do not appreciate their customers. I think Google should be running the updates and then have the phone companies adding their bloat ware as they choose to do them. I don’t understand why the customer should pay the price of the big phone companies.

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    pdh says:

    So why is it that we as verizon customers have to wait for the update on the S3 but the NOTE 2 on verizon is being released with it

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    daughp75 says:

    I am on att and still no word on the update. I sent att an email and pretty much told me to blow smoke you know where. So I took matters in my own hands rooted and running custom rom 4.1.2. And not looking back.

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    DINESH says:


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    Graham says:

    I have a SIM free S3 on t-mobile and have been using jelly bean for the last few weeks, and all you children that are crying because you have not got the update yet, grow up! there is really not a lot different than ics except the phone is smoother and the animations are better, the s3 is still a great phone whatever version of android it runs.

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    Richard Plourde says:

    I own the best phone in the world Samsung s3 but…….. I think I will be switching to a Google phone just for the fact that yes s3 is the best phone but I just can’t understand why the best phone in the world doesn’t have the latest and best OS and for those that think it’s not about about the operating system the are dead wrong new OS come with new features and a smoother feel sorry Samsung as much as I love your phones I hate having to wait for something when I spend as much money as I did for my s3

  14. I am Orange UK and no update as of 26th of Nov. I was on twitter with OrangeHelpersUK, and after about 15 tweet, finally answer from Orange was – It would seem this could be early December, fingers crossed, we will send a
    tweet out when this is available,

    Which I doubt it anyway, as they are more intrested in EE now.

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    Kalelsherry says:

    I got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.. Still got 4.0.4 and waiting for 4.1 . Can anyone tell me when will I get the notification to update my phone.

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    george says:

    i am on t mobile uk, and i think they are not updating the firmware for the galaxy s3, so you will go and buy the new s3 on ee

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    Firefoxz says:

    Bloody t mobile uk now says jb update for s3 in new year…….all they care about is their 4g customers …….i feel a rooting comming on

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