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BlackBerry Q10 release & SIM free price, count your pennies

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By:Gary | March 21st, 2013

We are about to see a wider audience that can get access to the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, and so far early adopters have had only one handset to choose from. Now we have news of the BlackBerry Q10 UK release with a SIM free price that will mean that you better start counting your pennies if you want to purchase the device.

We heard yesterday that the handset had been put up on the Carphone Warehouse website, and now another retailer Unlocked Mobiles has listed the BlackBerry Q10 with an unlocked price of £529.98 with a release date of April 26th.

This is only slightly more expensive than the same retailer will sell you the BlackBerry Z10 for at £524.99, while rival online retailer Expansys has the Z10 priced at £479.99 unlocked. Expansys currently at the time of writing doesn’t have any information regarding pricing or a delivery date for the Q10.

Another online retailer Clove has the BlackBerry Q10 listed at an eye watering £534.99 once VAT has been added, which also comes with a late April availability date. Online retailers can sometimes see prices change as the handset gets closer to release but this is unlikely to happen now with the Q10.

For this sort of money you could purchase the Apple iPhone 5 or possibly the Samsung Galaxy S4, but there will be a number of consumers that want to experience BlackBerry 10 with a physical QWERTY keyboard, although some may be having second thoughts at this price.

Would you pay this much for the BlackBerry Q10?

BlackBerry Q10 UK SIM free price, not for faint hearted

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  • CEO

    The cost of the phone is completely irrelevant. I got my Z10 free through work, but if it had been $500, $800, $1000, doenst matter. I would have gladly paid it. I believe the way most business people in the caliber that BB is targeting think is, “There isnt a dollar value to I tie to my communications standards & expectations”
    Therefor..take my f*cking money

  • Mombasa69

    Q10 worth every penny, I’ve been waiting for a BlackBerry touchscreen QWERTY physical key pad phone for ages, the price is high, have been debating the cost, but will go for it, my old Curve is really struggling now, so roll on April!

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