iPhone 5S display size called into question


Later this year it is widely believed that Apple will launch a new version of the iPhone which will be largely the same as the current model except a bump up in specs internally. The thought is that we will have to wait until next year to see a major redesign of the device, but now the display size of the iPhone 5S is being called into question.

The train of thought has been that the iPhone 5S will look largely the same as the current model but new reports are suggesting that the handset may be delayed due to a design change. First things first, there has never been a release date given for the iPhone 5S or whatever it may be called, but it is being suggested that the display will see an increase in size to 4.3-inches.

This will bring the iPhone up with the likes of the HTC Desire HD that came out at the back end of 2010, and the claims are coming from anonymous sources from the semiconductor industry with the release supposedly set for between September and October originally.

Whether this and the previous reports of component delays are linked remains to be seen, but as always these claims have to be taken with a very large pinch of salt. Of course there has been no comment on the matter from Apple or any of its supplier partners.

There have long been requests from iPhone users for a bigger display and this was sort of met last year with the device jumping up from 3.5-inches for the first time to a 4-inch display. The most likely outcome though is probably a 4-inch iPhone will arrive with iOS 7 in tow around the September/October mark.

It could be the case that the handset only releases in so many markets shortly after being launched, but we won’t know for sure until the handset is unveiled at an Apple keynote speech later in the fall.

Do you think we will see an iPhone 5S with a 4.3-inch display?

Source: Bloomberg.


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    wky21 says:

    Surprises is needed for Apple has been predictable for the last few release or upsetting it fans (ipad 4 early release).

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