iPhone 6, 5S event launch date pinned twice


The consensus for an iPhone 6 or 5S launch month is September, although the release date would slip into October if the event date is late enough in this month. When it comes to pinning the date for this upcoming Apple event it is not so simple, and we have seen a number of dates thrown around with September 6 and 18 being the two that standout.

It is a German blog, iFun, claiming the earlier date for a new iPhone 6/5S event and they continue the speculation about two models being announced, which has been voiced in a number of leaks although naming is not so clear. Some people claim an iPhone Light or cheaper iPhone 5 and other insiders point to a cheaper iPhone 5S and an iPhone 6 with much higher specs in metal.

Last year we saw the iPhone 5 showcased at an event in early September and event invitations were sent out 8 days before this date. You can expect press to receive Apple event invites around a week before the event again, although this year we feel the event might land in the second half of September and thus making this first rumor incorrect.

Our predictions have been supported by another rumor. The second date comes via Micah Singleton, who pins September 18 as the launch for two new iPhones. We should note this source is a little more credible thanks to their claims for iPad 3 specs being proven correct last year, so they could be right this time around as well and it goes along with our expectations.

You can read the predictions by Singleton in a short blog post, which also details the iPhone 6 or 5S release date as September 27 along with a public release of iOS 7 two days before this date. This ties in with what we know about Apple, they won’t launch a new iPhone and iOS 7 on the same day thanks to learning a lesson here in the past when demand became too much and caused website crashing.

We still hope to see the iPhone 6 and 5S on the same release date, which we detailed in an earlier article along with why this would be a great idea. Those of you that want a lower price and are happy with plastic could go with iPhone 5S, although metal lovers that would pay for higher specs could go with iPhone 6.

So, there you have it. It looks like you can expect an iPhone 6, 5S or both at an Apple press conference on September 18 and a release date on September 27. Plus, iOS 7 can be downloaded for iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and iPads on September 25.

Update: The September 6 event launch for iPhone 6 or 5S has been discredited since the publication of this article, so it is looking increasingly likely that the second date will be the day we see a new iPhone 6 or 5S revealed.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 6, 5S event launch date pinned twice”

    1. Andrew Wardlaw says:

      why? They only have one line of smartphones and it’s on the expensive side. Releasing a cheaper model will allow apple to start subduing the competition on the other end of the market. Plus, a plastic apple phone won’t be any worse than a plastic samsung phone; only more affordable

    2. luiszerp says:

      People used to say that about the iPad, and look how many they have sold. Apple may not be perfect, but they sure do know what they are doing more than you!