Apple iWatch with possible Nike FuelBand goodness


The next few months we are likely to see a number of new smartwatches become available from a variety of well known manufacturers, and the much rumoured Apple iWatch could possibly have some Nike FuelBand goodness.

There have long been rumours of an Apple iWatch and any such device is likely to go up against the Samsung Galaxy Gear that is also rumoured to be arriving in the coming weeks, but there are now reports that Apple has hired fitness expert Jay Blahnik, who helped with the Nike FuelBand.

This suggests that the company is pushing up development of a health oriented wearable device, but it is not known what capacity that Blahnik is working at the company. Back in May Apple CEO Tim Cook sang the praises of the Nike FuelBand, and tipped the market to “explode” in the future.

He continued by stating that the market is a bit over the place at the moment but things will “become clearer” given time. There has long been rumours and speculation that Apple were looking to develop a device that is worn on the wrist, but knowing Apple it is likely to be different from anything that we have seen so far.

While many smartwatches are simply an extension to a smartphones functionality it is believed that Apple will provide a product that will focus on biometric security and other healthcare features.

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Source: All Things D.