FIFA 14 app release date with unlockable content

If you love your football (Soccer) then take your time to read the following about the new FIFA 14 app release for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

EA (Electronic Arts) have just confirmed the new FIFA 14 game will be released to Android and iOS device owners on September 10, and the good news is it will be free to play. The mobile application will of course come with plenty of in-app purchases for unlockable content and much more.

FIFA 14 will release on Android and Apple devices on September 10, and we know this is the same day the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms get the demos.

The new FIFA 14 games will offer so much, it will be free to play, come with many packages, feature official Football players with Legends included. The sports game will also include new leagues, stadiums and the opportunity to customize to your hearts content.

The new game will include 600 teams, 34 stadiums and 30 leagues, the touchscreen will be a lot smoother and a lot different than with previous FIFA games, in a nutshell it will offer gamers console-like gameplay on mobile devices. If you are good enough playing this game surely you will never need to buy extras via in-app purchases.

Premium unlockable content will no doubt include official teams and players etc, we are looking forward to this game.

Are you looking forward to playing FIFA 14 on your mobile device?

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FIFA 14 Android, iOS release
  • kartoonz

    i just hope the manager mode is more challenging and the commentary changes this time…

    • ryanpiyo


  • woody

    Can’t wait for this app and free too do agree though needs to be more challenging than fifa 13

  • Bebe


  • bean

    i am wondering whether this will be on all android devices so that it can work on my galaxy s2

  • Danial Hughes

    Will this work on the nexus 7 do you think?

  • Charliehenderson

    Is it deffo releasing tomorrow?

  • Tom

    Will this come out at midnight?

  • Charliehenderson

    Will it be coming out tomorrow?

  • zikir

    c’mon put more challenges. and have better commentator.

  • cûntlika

    Isit out in nz?

  • Danial Hughes

    where is it!!!

  • Dailon

    Where is it? Been waiting all day and checking the APP store slash internet all day to the point of insanity. Guess they are waiting until after the Apple announcement. Meanwhile if you are own here and you want a quick fix while you wait First Touch Soccer 2014 is a great game with new rosters etc.

  • Dailon

    Every site I go to says the 10th I was up at midnight waiting… still waiting… release the game or at least someone credible give us a true date even Wikipedia says today

  • Mario


  • Dailon

    Mario for me I’m in the States and it was supposed to be 10th for the states

    11th worldwide so don’t get your hopes up cuz new apps come here on Tuesdays and trust me it’s not there so now have to assume the 24th and 27th which is two long weeks away

  • Moeen Ahmed

    EA has never said it would be released on the 10th or even the 24th or 27th. All they said was it will be release in the fall. so it could be a while yet.

  • Jason

    I think it might be released on the 17th or the 24th

  • kennylam

    Hope the ultimate team on mobile has online seasons:)

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