Samsung Galaxy S5 in depth review provides upgrade decision

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is due to be released on April 11th in 150 countries across the globe with pre-orders already getting underway in some regions, and ahead of the handsets release we have an in depth review of the Galaxy S5 that provides an upgrade decision.

Since the Galaxy S5 was announced we have seen a video review of the device along with some photo samples and a 4K Video. Now though the guys over at Recombu have spent some time with the handset and have also provided some sample videos in 1080p and 4K that can be seen below.

The band that surrounds the handset reminds you more of the hugely popular Galaxy Note 3 while the rear has a soft touch pitted back that some have likened to a Band Aid, although it feels great in the hand.

Despite the dust and water resistant added to the smartphone it hasn’t affected the handsets nice light and thin form factor, and the capacitive key next to the home button takes a little getting used to but is great for many Android apps.

Just what was found in our review of the HTC One Max the fingerprint scanner can be a patchy experience and takes getting used to, although it is better. The 5.1-inch Full HD display was found to be really colourful

As promised Samsung has provided a new TouchWiz UI that is a lot cleaner but still rammed with features, but the new quad core Snapdragon 801 processor performed well. Battery life was praised lasting a day and half despite heavy use, and while the camera is only a slight improvement over the S4 the camera app has been streamlined.

We have talked about upgrading to the Galaxy S5 before and in Recombu’s opinion if you have last year’s handset the S5 is only worth upgrading to if you have plenty of spare cash. Check out the full review via the link above and tell us if you are thinking of getting the Galaxy S5.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 in depth review provides upgrade decision

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