iPhone 6 schematics concept to impress


As the weeks go by we are now hearing more and more about the Apple iPhone 6, with leaks and rumors already rife. A few days ago some leaked schematics emerged, purporting to be for the next premium iPhone, and now we have an iPhone 6 concept to show you that is based on those schematics.

Yesterday we showed another iPhone concept featuring a dual display, and today’s vision comes from notable designer Martin Hajek who has come up with many impressive concept renders, including earlier ones of the iPhone 6. As you can see from the images here this design is exceptionally slim and the form factor appears longer with curved edges and very slim bezels.

It features a sapphire crystal display and of course the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and the volume controls have been incorporated into one button. This is another sleek design from Hajek and we’re pretty impressed with what we see, although we do wonder if such an ultra-slim design for the real iPhone 6 would be comfortable to hold.

We’d like to know what you think though. Do you like the rounded edges of this new iPhone 6 creation, and the idea of a volume control in one button?

Source: Nowhereelse.fr
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