Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.4 update still up for debate


The smartphone world doesn’t wait around for anyone with technology moving along at break neck speed, but as handsets get older they can sometimes get left behind by manufacturers. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.4.2 KitKat update is still up for debate though.

There has been a growing belief that the international version of the Galaxy S3 wouldn’t be seeing an update to Android 4.4, with the fact that the device only has 1GB of RAM given as a reason even though Android KitKat has been designed to run on hardware with 512MB of RAM.

The trouble is the Samsung TouchWiz firmware will be taking up a lot of the device but as we heard previously Samsung has listed a number of other handsets down to receive the new firmware that also have 1GB of RAM.

Some have mentioned the fact that previously Samsung said they would support hardware with new firmware updates for 18 months, while the GT-I9300 version of the handset was originally released back in May 2012, but it has to be remembered that the device is still widely available for purchase brand new in a number of regions.

Last month a leaked document seemed to suggest that the Galaxy S3 would see the new OS sometime this month, but the trouble is so far no leaked builds of the new firmware have appeared.

The Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update meanwhile has saddled the device with a whole host of problems, so surely it would be better if Samsung released a stable version of KitKat for the handset to cure these issues.

Our own version of the device has been playing up more recently despite no new apps installed, which includes the device freezing briefly or apps crashing. If Samsung doesn’t release Android 4.4 KitKat officially for the Galaxy S3 many owners will just turn to installing a custom ROM, but if your handset is still under warranty this will obviously invalidate it.

Do you think Samsung will release Android 4.4 for the GT-I9300 Galaxy S3?


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.4 update still up for debate”

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    K says:

    no I don’t think they’re going to release a KitKat update for the 9300 because of the amount of RAM that it has because one gig is just a little too small

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    @m!$# says:

    After making my device slower with the latest Jelly Bean update, I am eagerly waiting for Kitkat. If I don’t get the update then I will say goodbye to Samsung forever and go back to my favourite iPhone.

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    Sanat says:

    is 1Gb Ram really an issue ? Considering even Moto G has same RAM and it suns smoothly with kitkat

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    weeblebiscuits says:

    Samsung think they’re encouraging us to migrate to their latest, greatest flagship model by this strategy. What they are actually doing is encouraging us to abandon them and find a manufacturer who will actually support legacy products.

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    disappointment says:

    Typical samsung making poor excuses for their poor software development. iphone 5s for example runs on 1 gig of ram and a much smaller battery than the s3, and YET it runs super-smooth and battery easily lasts two days with moderate use, AND its the latest flagship. s3 is 2 years old with these amazing hardware specs, not to mention the terribly laggy 4.1.2 it was stuck on for an entire year, then the bugged 4.3 – disappointment.

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