Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact, Z Ultra Android 4.4 fix with new update

In the middle of last month we were able to tell readers that the Android 4.4 KitKat update had arrived for the Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra. However, the Android 4.4.2 update adversely affected some units, with users noticing a sound bug. Sony has now issued a statement about this and an Android 4.4 fix is on the way for those phones in the form of a firmware update.

The bug that arose is a rather serious problem as it means that some users cannot hear audio for alarms, calls, notifications and videos, so you can imagine that Sony has been bombarded with requests for a fix. The company has now issued a statement acknowledging that this issue exists for some owners of the above devices.

Sony also says that a software release to fix this problem will be pushed out from the week beginning April 7th, although timing and availability will vary by market and operator. If you weren’t aware already you might also be interested to hear about some limitations from the Android 4.4 update for these Xperia devices.

If you are a Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact or Z1 Ultra user, was your device one of those suffering from abnormal audio functionality? Are you glad to hear a fix is on the way with another update?

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Sony Xperia Z1, Compact, Ultra Android 4.4 fix with new update
  • Yousef

    Of course i’m glad

  • onlymemoaning

    My xperia z is almost un-useable since updating to kitkat! Photo quality is poor, apps opening and closing of their own accord, video recorder won’t work either! Not happy!!!

  • London calling

    I own the Xperia Z Ultra and hot the recent notification for the update to kitkat. After reading on the potential issues and the differences. I have decided not to upgrade and force stopped the update center in settings so I get rid of the tool bar notification. Don’t upgrade to kitkat. WAIT UNTIL ALL BUGS ARE gone.

  • BiGBraHma

    Personally I don’t like kitkat. I have an z ultra which only comes with 16gb of internal storage. The new restrictions with kitkat not being able to move apps and not have write permission to external storage kills the joy of having an awesome phone. When I first bought this phone one of the first things I did was buy an 64gb sdcard. Even with the sdfix for kitkat it’s a headache. I don’t want to go back to jellybean, but I may have to. Google do something.

  • #blankspace

    Glad I don’t have my ota updates yet for my z ultra. Was looking forward to the update till I saw this. Way to many issues will wait for Sony to fix them before I do update

  • john

    Today I received an update from my phone, was 20MB(Ive already updated to Kit Kat) and i dont know anything about this new update.
    Do You have any idea??

  • João de Carvalho

    My z1 is with the sound bug after the kitkat update ! It’s so annoying!!! Hope have the update to fix it soon!

  • vinay

    For c6802?


    And how many other features will this “fix” break!?! Very good if it does get fixed, as i’m missing calls etc. But what about……
    Lagging camera?….
    Lower battery life (that supposedly got improved)?…
    Notification sounds stuttering/breaking?….
    Phone over heating?….
    Notifications/Quick setting process taking longer?….
    Longer charging times?…

    Not impressed at all, and unless there’s a significant improvement in the firmware i’m either reverting back to JB or rooting! (Which i didn’t want to do with a 3 week old phone).

  • Danielle

    I reset my Z1 a few days after updating to KitKat and it seemed to of fixed most problems apart from the sound bug. Might be worth a go if anyone is still experiencing problems

  • Pjusken

    This update made it worse.
    Instead of randomly not play any sound form sms or when ppl call.
    Now i got problems hearing what ppl says.
    And others hear stutter and crackling sound when i talk

  • bettyboop

    will i update to kitkat or not???they said that they fixed it with 14.3.A.0.681???please i need answers…

  • GroovyCharly

    The -757 update does not fix the sound problem with the crackling notifications….

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