HTC 8X will get Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 update but not 8S

It’s always good to be able to bring readers news of updates for their devices and now HTC has announced plans for two of its Windows Phone handsets regarding Windows Phone 8.1. The HTC 8X will get the WP8.1 GDR 1 update but sadly the HTC 8S will miss out.

This information was shared on HTC’s official support forum and the reason given for the HTC 8S not getting the preview of this update is that the phone’s hardware isn’t up to the job. Particulars about this were not given but it may well be because of the low 4GB of internal storage of the device.

The good news for HTC 8X owners is that this phone will be treated to the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 update at some point, although it’s not imminent. HTC says that the stability of the update on the device needs to be tested before it is rolled out to end users, so hasn’t announced a specific time. The HTC 8X has 16GB of internal storage.

HTC 8X owners will be pleased to hear that this update will arrive for their smartphone in the future, but there is bound to be some disappointment among HTC 8S users. It would be interesting to receive your comments on this if you have either of these Windows Phone handsets.

Source: HTC Community (Google Translated)
Via: WMPowerUser

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HTC 8X WP 8.1 update
  • User

    I have a Windows Phone 8S, really disappointed in Microsoft, guess I’ll get an iPhone or Android phone now.

    • Bobby Salvin

      It is hard to dispute that Android phones are better.

    • Craig

      That’s what happens when you buy cheap devices. Their hardware just can’t keep up with advancing technology for as long as mid/high-range devices. Android has the same issue, if not even worse. The older iPhones even get phased out after a couple years.

    • gerry rivers

      Ppl like u make me laugh always saying your going to go to different devices not really knowing what you are getting yourself into. Little fact a very small percentage of Android devices can even upgrade past one update because of slow to no rollout at all. At least Microsoft gives you a preview

  • Logan

    I have the HTC 8X and this makes me so very happy I could cry tears of joy

  • nicola

    in your opinion when they’ll update it?

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