T-Mobile Device Unlock app lands on Google Play

T-Mobile loves to shake things up – just watch any presser with John Legere. They have done it again tonight as the Uncarrier just released a new Android app that can make unlocking your smartphone a whole lot simpler. It’s limited at the moment, but the T-Mobile Device Unlock app has landed on Google Play.

Obama recently decided we could all unlock our phones again in the United States, and T-Mob is the first carrier to take a crack at making thing simple with the Device Unlock app. The good news is that something of this nature exists; the bad news is the app only works with the Galaxy Avant at this time. Probably not the device you were hoping for.

The T-Mobile Device Unlock app has two options – Temporary Unlock and Permanent Unlock. Temporary Unlock is useful for globetrotters, and lets you unlock your device for 30 days if you’re travelling internationally and need to hitch a ride on the GSM express. Permanent Unlock is exactly what it sounds like, but it’s “subject to certain eligibility requirements.”t-mobile device unlock

As mentioned, the Device Unlock app only works with the Avant right now, but it just arrived and we fully expect a range of handsets to join the app in the near future. If you happen to own the Galaxy Avant, you can pick up the T-Mobile Device Unlock app at the link below.

Device Unlock app

Via – Android Central

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