Claimed iPad Air 2 component images reveal A8X chip and more


Speculation about the iPad Air 2 has been rife almost since the launch of the original Air last year. We know that Apple is holding an iPad event on October 16 and expect that the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 will be made official. Ahead of the big unveiling we now have news of an iPad Air 2 components reveal and A8X chip, and you can see the images below.

An overseas website has leaked some claimed images of iPad Air 2 parts that include the home button flex button, front panel, logic board, and the flex cable for volume control. Much of the info from these new pictures ties in with leaked specs and features so far about the full-sized new iPad for 2014. For instance the flex cable for the home button shows the right sized gap for the Touch ID home button and also shows the stainless steel ring that we would expect.

Claimed iPad Air 2 components b

We’ve seen many leaked renders and specs over the last few months, and the vast majority have suggested that Touch ID would be present on the new iPad Air so this is further reinforcement. Another image shows the logic board and what appeared at first to be an A8 processor and RAM chips. However, on further investigation it now looks to be an A8X chip (as noted by a MacRumors forum member), whereas Apple stuck with a regular A7 chip clocked slightly faster for the original Air than that in the iPad mini with Retina display and the iPhone 5S.

Claimed iPad Air 2 components c

A difference to the logic board of the original iPad Air is apparent as the SIM slot now looks to be on the logic board rather than in a separate compartment. We’ve also been hearing that the new iPad Air could be the slimmest ever tablet and the new images show the alleged iPad Air 2 front panel. The panel has cutouts for Touch ID and the front-facing FaceTime camera, with a lengthened connector to the side. To enable a thinner device it has been suggested that the new iPad could have an integrated display although it’s not possible to tell from this.

Claimed iPad Air 2 components d

Finally we can see what look to be the volume control buttons and possibly a microphone with the volume control flex cable. This appears to back up the idea that the mute/screen rotation switch could be removed to allow for a slimmer tablet, something we have also heard rumored previously. These new images certainly give us plenty to think about, and fortunately it will only be a few more days until we should have confirmed details of the iPad Air 2 (iPad 6) and iPad mini 3.

Are you waiting for the official launch and release of the iPad Air 2? What are your thoughts on the inferences taken from these claimed component images? Let us have your comments.

Source: Apple.club.tw
Via: MacRumors

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