FIFA 15 UT problems since latest update


Whether you’re rooting for Liverpool or QPR this afternoon, either way you’re a football enthusiast and could therefore be a fan of FIFA 15. The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for Android and iPhone was updated 2 days ago, but everything hasn’t gone smoothly for some. We have some details about FIFA 15 UT problems since the latest update.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team features over 1000 licensed teams and 10,000 players across the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, La Liga and more. This is a phenomenally popular app and on October 17 it received an update to version 1.1.2 for both the Android and iOS platforms. It’s a free app with in-app purchases available.

The update offers off-the-pitch improvements and immersive full-screen support, but we’ve received comments and emails from some readers about glitches since downloading the latest FIFA 15 UT update. These include problems with disconnection or not being able to connect to the server. A look at user reviews on the Google Play Store and App Store app descriptions also reveals a similar story.

For example on Google Play one player wrote yesterday, “Haven’t been able to connect since the update. I just updated the game and since that I have been unable to start the game. After the load screen it just stays on the connect to server and stays that way. This is a big issue for me despite the fact that it is a really enjoyable game. Plus I had a whole 84+rated psg team which I built after putting in a lot of hours in the game, I hope I don’t lose my team. Please fix EA, the game is best on the market if u guys respond to some of our issues. My recommendation to all others is don’t update yet.”

FIFA 15 UT app problems

Another Android app user said today “When I log into Facebook my game crashes and says status 409 * callld 1002 and I can’t log in so I had to uninstall then reinstall and it still said that error so EA please help me out.” Another wrote yesterday, “EA Logic Fifa keeps losing connection after playing a match. They don’t count ur win and u lose 1 contract. A player with 70+ pace and outrun one with 91. Fix it u lazy people.”

Meanwhile on the App Store a user wrote, “Overall the game is good. However, whenever I go to bid on a player, or am half way through a game, or have scored a message pops up saying cannot connect to ultimate team server. Meaning I have to play the game 3 or 4 times but it still uses up my contracts. When bidding on a player I am the highest bidder then someone else comes in and bids. I cannot come back because by the time the game has loaded all over again they item has ended. It’s an absolute joke and needs fixing.”

There are many more comments like this, with some app users only giving FIFA 15 UT a one or two star rating. However, these problems are clearly not affecting all players going by other user reviews. We’d like to hear from if you’re a FIFA 15 Android or iOS app user. Is everything running smoothly for you since the latest update, or are you also having problems? Send your comments to let us know.


247 thoughts on “FIFA 15 UT problems since latest update”

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    Vishnu R says:

    i had a problem with the missing conrols and now after the update it is not at all working…i might have to complain

  2. Reply
    Savage says:

    I had a 86 rated team on my iPad and now it’s all gone! It glitches out while I was opening a pack, it will not let me back on because it will never connect to the server, do something about this EA!!!!!!!

  3. Reply
    jamie says:

    After the game has loaded I get an error come up and its really effecting game play. Please fix it its really making me want to play other games rather than FIFA 15 even tho I love the game. Please fix or I will end up playing other games. Not to mention I don’t want to lose my inform Diego Costa and inform sudgurddson not to mention my inform ronaldo please fix asap

  4. Reply
    sober guy says:

    just cann,t connect to the server ,, nd ths problm continues again and again even i lost much ov my contracts on ths .. plz EA fix ths

  5. Reply
    filimili says:

    Game really sucks. Only game mode I used to play in 14 was online with a choosen (not artficial built team) team. So I stayed with 2014.

  6. Reply
    Suarez is back says:

    Every time I press tap to continue the game loads and 2 seconds later crashes this only happens when logged into Facebook please fix soon I was half way through a tourny which ends at 5pm today

  7. Reply
    AP says:

    Same with Windows Phone. After the update it crashes after “Tap to continue”, when logged in Facebook. If I remove the whole thing and start new team, it kind of works. Fix it EA!

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    fix it... says:

    happend to me too was selling a player and when i go back on it it crashes…… please fix it asap!!!

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    EA HELP ME says:

    I press tap to continue and 2 seconds later it crashes. I don’t want to start again coz I have a 100 chemistry and 85 rated team

  10. Reply
    dk187 says:

    I cant use it at all since yesterday it crashes everytime i start it says fifa ut 15 stopped when i delete and reinsall i can play but when i connect to to get my team back it crashes again

  11. Reply
    Gio says:

    Since yesterday it doesnt work with a facebook account. I changed my facebook password so it wouldnt automatically log in anymore and crash and now it works, but without MY TEAM!!!!

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    what's happening says:

    load everything else properly but when i try to select club option, the game just dies and closes itself!!
    tried more than 50 times, but still does the same!! ios user

  13. Reply
    Roberto says:

    When I open the game it crash and close. I have a team overall 84+ and i don’t want to lose it. Sorry for my english

  14. Reply
    Edd Lasso says:

    EA help fix it fast cause I have an 100 chemistry and 87 rated team and I don’t want to lose it all plus Am almost done with division 1 online please hurry and probably update again so it can go away this time.

  15. Reply
    Zafer says:

    Similar problem here. Whenever my account connects to facebook the game crashes and stops automatically, meaning that I can’t use my account.

    I talked with an EA Advisor today, he asked for my Facebook ID and told me that he will try to fix it. I will let you guys know if it works.

    Why did EA work with Facebook in the first place? Origin had no problems like this..

    Anyways, EA please do something about it.

  16. Reply
    Loa dorn says:

    Works when I am out of Facebook now i logged in just to get a pack it crashes within 2 seconds. Please go back to origin or fix this because I want to play.

  17. Reply
    Josh says:

    I have a full brazil squad in my fifa 15 team on the iPad. When the update came out I updated and now whenever I’m on my Facebook account it will glitch out in 2 seconds. I do no want to restart as 83 rated team! PLZ fix!!!

  18. Reply
    Edd Lasso says:

    No it still doesn’t work am rage/piss right ever since that update dou please update so it could work now pls EA It won’t work until you make another update so pls do 1 pls am bored these days because of fifa 15 ok so pls do that favor!!!!!!!

  19. Reply
    Sarah Siew Fong Low says:

    I can’t play the game , it keeps crashing , after tapping the “tap to continue ” I can play for a second or two after that it crashes

      1. Reply
        Damian Dutkiewicz says:

        I have the same After i open the game crushing in few second and im connect to fc account Any ideas?

    1. Reply
      Aryan says:

      Yeah I have a facebook user. When i tap to continue it crashes in a second. I reinstalled it still the problem persist

      1. Reply
        Charles says:

        Thank God I am not the only person that this happening too it is the most annoying thing I press tap to continue and it boots me.

  20. Reply
    abhishek says:

    guys!i had installed fifa 15 ultimate team on my android phone.now my phone got formatted so now when i reinstall fifa15 ultimate team how can i sign in again in to my old account?will my all progress be lost or is there any way out to resign into my aold account.?

  21. Reply
    Kevin says:

    Guys look. I got a solution for this crashing problem. Go to facebook find me ”kevinnguyendinkel@yahoo.com” or ”Kevin Nguyen Dinkel” Its the picture with arsenal players. Message me that you are from this forum and i am glad to help. I will go back on around 8 hours starting now! 🙂 thanks bye!

  22. Reply
    Edd Lasso says:

    It’s Joey Lasso my fb and I have no pic on profile picture N am the only one that has they’re name like that k! Pls help me N if u do I will give back something in return ii !!!!

  23. Reply
    Tomkos says:

    After enter to MY CLUB or MY PROFILE game crashed.
    I made reinstall and still the same problem.
    Ipad 2 ,ios 6

  24. Reply
    Liga says:

    I had a Full 85 rated team from Liga BBVA, the best ive ever had but now, the update has gone and ruined it for me and i cant play anymore after the main screen comes up and crashes and on my phone says something like Unfortunaly fifa 15 has stopped, please fix this EA if you dont want bad reports or rates going down. thanks

    1. Reply
      skeleton94 says:

      it depends on what type of healing consumable you have. If your player has a knee injury, you must have a knee healing card..

  25. Reply
    Steve R says:

    Ok so the information on here is correct. MUT on FIFA 15 kept crashing when I tried to access through Facebook. The way to solve the problem is to make sure you have a pictures added for your logo. Once you have a picture added to your Facebook logo, MUT will stop crashing. Hope this helps.

  26. Reply
    Tomkos says:

    At the start the game didnt crash playing via facebook,Now every time when i go to MY CLUB or PROFILE ga,e crash, i had a picture from the start.

  27. Reply
    A.h.m says:

    After I reached the first division..today when I tried to open the game as usual it asks me to pick a starting pack and start from the beginning… How can I reload my old team please?

    1. Reply
      Justin says:

      this happened to me too, and i realized i signed in with my original team with Facebook. if u did that as well, hit the Facebook icon in the top right i believe at some point during the process and it should fix it…it worked for me

  28. Reply
    ttttatatta says:

    On most tournaments in the finals it says status 461* callld 1062. Also when I win the Unified Cup which is an objective it just doesn’t register I have completed this objective. SO ANNOYING!!!!
    Please fix otherwise it is impossible to complete all objectives and you will get a lot of uninstalls EA!!!! The game has already dropped in downloads and will continue to drop dramatically if you don’t fix these issues.

  29. Reply
    EA crazy says:

    We have same problem too.. I have to final game on tournament that cannot be finish because there message “status 461 call 1062” everytime I want to playing this part of the game. I still have message “cannot connect to the server” over and over again after playing some games in FUT 15. Pls solve this problem, or EA will make everybody more crazy find this everyday in your games.. And we feel you playing with us, not we are playing your games.

  30. Reply
    Chelsea = number 1 says:

    At times when I lose connection and I try loading the game again, it opens up an entirely diffrent team with diffrent players?! Please fix guys…my tournament finals also don’t want to play at all?

  31. Reply
    alex says:

    When i’m trying to open the game, i skip everything. Then, when it shows the gift that i got, it freezes and it’s closing.

  32. Reply
    Tricky says:

    Hi I have had this game on my iPad for 2 months I am now thinking of deleting app as it crashes so much all I get is can’t connect to server or there working on it in a middle of a game and crashes and still taking my contracts but still have to play same match again a JOKE

    Sort it out you are EA sports

    1. Reply
      Khalil says:

      If you were logged in with Facebook if you log back into Facebook it should work. If you have an error logging into Facebook or you never connected to Facebook in the first place I don’t know what you can do.

  33. Reply
    Yianni says:

    Haven’t had any problems with the crashes or disconnections until recently. Can’t connect to Facebook our else the game will crash. Only way I can play is to start from scratch.

  34. Reply
    Hovsep says:

    I’m having the same issues as everyone else if EA doesn’t fix this soon I’m thinking of not playing at all

  35. Reply
    HELP ME PLZ says:

    My fifa 15 is stuck on connecting. i dont want to re-download because i have like 300k on my acc ;-; help me

  36. Reply
    John says:

    Can’t use Facebook at all thanks to the connection issues. I have many hours logged into my team and I don’t want to lose it

  37. Reply
    Winston Chan says:

    HEY!!! Not long ago, maybe two days ago I bid for Cristiano Ronaldo at 1.2 million after the item was expired I didn’t received ronaldo nor my coins. Please I worked hard and bought packs and made coins. 1.2 million is alot now I only have 5k left. Please can you check the system for me or please return my coins. Please!!! Please!!! I don’t want to be crying all night long. Please!!!

  38. Reply
    Jordan says:

    I just updated it as well and it says your account has been logged out because it was used on another device and the server wouldn’t connect at all

  39. Reply
    ki gill says:

    I log on with my Facebook account and when I want to do a quick simulation it tells me “ERROR status 461 * call 1063” what does this mean.

  40. Reply
    Fifa player FC says:

    First time I got fifa on iPad, I connected to facebook, spent a bit of money and built a good team, then It always crashed and apparently it was facebook, I deleted it and tried again, still crashed, so I lost my team. The other day I restarted my fifa with a new team, I got coins and got packs and I packed a few good players and in-forms. Now it won’t let me connect to the sever, it just says connecting for 10 years. EA FIX YOUR GAME YOU LAZY PEOPLE, IM NOT LOSING MY TEAM AGIAN BECUASE YOU PEOPLE CANT BE STUFFED FIXING YOUR GAME, HONESTLY ITS MAD, STOP MAKING NEW GAMES FOR THE MONEY AND DO IT FOR THE FANS AND THE PEOPLE THAT LIKE SOCCER GAMES IN GENRAL.

  41. Reply
    Khalil says:

    At school a bunch if us play fifa. My friend got a new phone and downloaded the new update of the game and hasn’t been able to log in yet. He has spent money on the game and can’t even play anymore. I was reinstalling the app and I can no longer connect anymore.

  42. Reply
    Sunny says:

    EA Sports is a joke. I feel they have knowingly put the glitches in the game to extract money from players. Frequent connection issues, Tournaments stuck at status 1002 errors, Players running in random directions after receiving a pass, the list goes on. If you train monkeys they can fix these simple issues but not EA sports.

  43. Reply
    Nick says:

    Whenever I go to log in to face book it keeps asking me to go on a different device then it freezes its been doing that all the time lately

  44. Reply
    Nicole says:

    whenever i try to log in to my fifa team it keeps on loading and loading and never lets me go in AND I HAD A 86+ rated team. I really hope Ea could make some changes so i can play because this is a really good game and i want to keep on playing it.

  45. Reply
    Mirza says:

    Not able to update. It downloads the huge update file taking lot of time and then give error 409 while installing the update.

  46. Reply
    Chris says:

    Siince getting the update, The game shudders for two seconds and crashes immediately, This takes place after pressing TAP TO CONTINUE.

  47. Reply
    YanHan Lee says:

    It always logs me out of Facebook. First there is a message that says that there was an error connecting, then when I press “Retry” the process restarts (which is unusual as it usually appears with an “OK” selection.

    After that I enter an account which had my first Starter Team, and I have to login to Facebook again.

    Usually this process takes about 5 minutes. Overall the app is smooth for me other than the occasional errors in connection which requires a restart in the app.

    Most connection error problems faced by people are usually due to poor Internet Connection. This had happened to me once when I was in a place with bad Wi-Fi.

  48. Reply
    Nathaniel says:

    Things were running smoothly until today, when I tried going on it said they were updating the servers. So I waited and decided to try again, this time it let me go in but made me choose a country for a starter pack as if I was starting all over. I clicked it just so I could proceed, I thought the club I’ve been working on would still be there. Nope, it was gone, and I have 0 coins 0 FIFA points and says I’m on level 0. It logs me into facebook and none of what I had is there. It’ll glitch occasionally and change the 0s to whatever I do actually have, but my original club still doesn’t appear. I hope its just a screw up and I get all my crap back, because that took hours upon hours of playing and building.

  49. Reply
    Minimacattack14 says:

    Wtf my whole team just disappeared I’ll start up the game and it will tell me to select a country WTF! FIX IT!!!!!

  50. Reply
    Albert P says:

    The game was loading fine yesterday. In the morning I woke up and it want connecting. It was just stuck on the loading screen with Messi. Anyone know how to fix it?

  51. Reply
    josh says:

    after I go onto the app it stays on the screen connecting to server please sort this because I have a very good team and I don’t want to loose it please sort this soon

  52. Reply
    nexus 4 says:

    I reset my phone and after reinstalling FIFA 15…my whole previous team disappeared and a nfew team comes up…please help me!I don’t want to lose my coins players and everything

  53. Reply
    hadi says:

    Wt do I do? Juzt waiting n waiting n waiting again ,,, kinda bullshit !!
    When I open the game, the screen just loads, but dont start…..coz it dont get proper connection at that time,,,, I am freaking out! Wt do I do? Plz help me out

  54. Reply
    Carlos Figueroa says:

    Hey I want to play Fifa 15 in my iPhone but, kick me out of it ever time. And I want to know why I do not get my coins and packs when I pass the awards

  55. Reply
    cesar castaneda says:

    i try to log in and just waits and doesn’t log in.another thing is that it doesn’t load.and when i’m halfway thru the game it says cannot connect to server and has to log in again.sometimes it logs me out because it says i logged in with another device when in reality i didn’t.

  56. Reply
    Jake says:

    Every time I get to a tournament final it comes up with an error message and won’t allow me to play, I now have about 3 tournaments unfinished

  57. Reply
    Max says:

    I wanted to sell Neymar but when te auction was over (he wasn’t sold), he didn’t came back to the transfer list. The auction is over butt i can’t save him or start a new auction

  58. Reply
    Colin says:

    First, the app is always rage quitting, which is already an issue… The second issue is that when I sell a thing for 1 hour, it is still selling after 3 hours. But it will say that it is expired, meaning I can’t re-list them or storing it in the club, even though I am not selling it.

  59. Reply
    LYS7 says:

    The game always logs me out of Facebook everytime I exit it, which means I have to reconnect everytime I open the game. The game also frequently disconnects from the server. I beat Bayern Munich in the semi-final of the Midlands Invitational but even though the server didn’t disconnect, the match didn’t count at all, which means I can’t progress into the final.

  60. Reply
    spursfan01 says:

    I started of with a 200k bpl team and i went over some friends and come back the next day to charge my tablet and i went on it and it has deleted it and made me start again not happy.

  61. Reply
    Gege says:

    It’s been 3 days already, i cannot enter at all the game.
    The game crashes after a second of start, no time to do anything.
    So I’m going to lose the tournament of the week and maybe more.
    Fix it, please!

    1. Reply
      Herve says:

      I have exactly the same problem, I was hoping that it was because of the holidays, they were not working to fix the problem but it keeps doing the same. I have a squad worth 2 millions, I don’t want to loose it. Please fix that, Pleeeaaaase!!!!

  62. Reply
    Qı Xıan says:

    My Facebook login club crash when entering the game I already have 4 days didn’t enter the game please help me to get back the account. I didn’t wish to lose the account because I have play the game for 3 month and have neuer and robben in the game. Help me please.

  63. Reply
    FritteEC says:

    I was logged in with Facebook and Them I accidentially pressed the Facebook button ingame. when I reentered the game it Said that I should pick a starter pack… How can I get my team back?

    1. Reply
      FritteEC says:

      I fixed it by making a new club and then I logged into Facebook in the game, and it asked me if i wanted to play with my new club, or go back to old, which was connected to my Facebook account 😀 Now I have got it back

  64. Reply
    BrotMRF says:

    One day when I went to play the game, it told me to select a starter pack. I had already been playing the game for months and collected so many players, items, etc. and now the game is starting from the beginning again! My achievements are still listed in Game Center though. What is going on? Please fix the issue, as I don’t want to lose my club.

    1. Reply
      FritteEC says:

      Same happened to me, just pick a new starter pack, and press the connect to Facebook button in settings. Then it will ask if you want to connect your new club, or go back to your old which is linked with your Facebook. It worked for me 🙂

      1. Reply
        fifaplayer says:

        I have had the same problem many times but i have solved it on an other way, I just quitted and came back and it says I have to play the same game as in the beginning of FUT. The problem is this time I was making a new squad and it was not ready. I can’t put more players in the squad, I can’t go to my club, I can’t even see my subs!

      2. Reply
        Yash says:

        Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much, u were right!!!! U just saved my 83 rated, 100 chemistry, all rare gold, bpl squad!!!!! U r amazing!!!

  65. Reply
    james says:

    there is a glitch that happens when i’m applying contracts and they don’t apply and the contracts run out and I lose the contracts

  66. Reply
    yashin says:

    Hey I am also hqving problem with fifa when I play a game and if I have won it shows my point hqs incresed suddenly a pop message will come unable to connect to server and I will loose my contract too
    Sometimes it loads someother profile with some other team please fix these problems I am very interested tthis app

  67. Reply
    petar says:

    I have played fifa 15 ut for a months whitout a problem but then i updated the game and it started crashing while it is loading. Does annyone know how to fix it

  68. Reply
    Johnnie says:

    I am having a consistent problem “connecting to server” and it just can’t connect. Please advise…

    1. Reply
      billy says:

      That happens to me too ! What i do is go really close to the Wi – fi box even almost touching it and then try to connect

  69. Reply
    Michael says:

    I used to be able to use the app offline,playing the ”new matches available”I downloaded in the FIFA 14 app.cant seem to do that on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app

  70. Reply
    s negi says:

    i have a cb missing from my starting 11 but whenever i try to place a player in any position it just disconnects and shows error 475 * calling 1021 🙁 i have not been able to play it for weeks now!! please help!

  71. Reply
    bob says:

    in the team of the year cup finals, my team badge doesn’t show up and i can’t even play the finals. On the semi finals, the match results aren’t there. The tick thing on the right top corner isn’t even there too.

  72. Reply
    billy says:

    Does anyone know if you can uninstall fifa 15 and then install it again but still have your team there ? Anyone PLEASE answer cause im getting really pissed off about this

    1. Reply
      Sun Minion says:

      Yes, someone please answer. I’ve gotten some amazing packs and have a great team, but I can’t even get to the Connecting to Server screen anymore, it just crashes right away. This has happened like at least 100 times that I’ve tried, so I haven’t been able to play in more than a few days. I really don’t want to uninstall and reinstall just for that chance, however big or small, that it won’t save my team, after all the hours I’ve put into it. So, does anyone know? I would try on another Apple device, but I don’t have any other. Can someone just try to download the app, make a few transfers, and then uninstall and reinstall, so that I, and whoever else has this problem, can know if it’s safe to do this? I would really appreciate it!

      1. Reply
        bro says:

        Yes u can. As long as u r connected to facebook 🙂 it will give u a starter pack,0
        Then sign in and choose to use ur old account 🙂

        1. Reply
          Sun Minion says:

          Thanks dude. See, the thing was, I had two teams. I lost one of them when I updated the app once, so I had to build a new team (luckily I wasn’t that far along with my very first team, so I was okay with it). This new team I built was amazing, and that’s the one I’m trying to get back. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled, but once I connected to Facebook, and tapped, Play with Old Club, it went back to my very first team, which wasn’t very far along. I’m pretty sure my really good team is saved somewhere in my Facebook account, but I don’t know how to get to it. Any suggestions?

          1. Joe says:

            I guess you have to find a way to log out of facebook on Fifa, and then you will get your really good team back, at least should do.

  73. Reply
    Salman says:

    I have a 82 rating Borrusia dortmund team which I have put up after playing a lot of hours. Now when I enter the game an exhibition game of some sort is arranged for me which I cant play (I guess my Manager’s contract is up.) I have only one option in the whole screen, just to press the golden ball and play. But that wont happen because of expired contract. I closed and started the game a several times and nothing changes the way it is. I am afraid of losing my entire team if I uninstall and install it back. Please help me.

    1. Reply
      Sun Minion says:

      Yes, someone please answer. I’ve gotten some amazing packs and have a great team, but I can’t even get to the Connecting to Server screen anymore, it just crashes right away. This has happened like at least 100 times that I’ve tried, so I haven’t been able to play in more than a few days. I really don’t want to uninstall and reinstall just for that chance, however big or small, that it won’t save my team, after all the hours I’ve put into it. So, does anyone know? I would try on another Apple device, but I don’t have any other. Can someone just try to download the app, make a few transfers, and then uninstall and reinstall, so that I, and whoever else has this problem, can know if it’s safe to do this? I think a lot of people would really appreciate it!

    2. Reply
      billy says:

      The same with me it only shows the golden ball and i cant press it cause my player contract ran out and i cant go and get another contract cause it only shows that one option

  74. Reply
    Fyan says:

    I started playing this on my netbook 2 days ago.I downloaded it from the Microsoft Shop. I enjoyed playing it with the keyboard controls. Then this afternoon the screen shows buttons for a mobile phone so I can’t use my keyboard to play anymore. I’m definitely PISSED about this.

  75. Reply
    Itz clarity says:

    In the new update on my phone when u try to go onto my normal team it starts again and I can’t get my old team back and I’m really pissed off

  76. Reply
    W says:

    Much, much bugs and problems. I can’t buy things: ”error at auction”. I even can’t play the matches of the week

  77. Reply
    mfp says:

    Does anyone know if you can play your android account/team on the ios version if you log in through facebook on ios? or are the two complete separate entities.

  78. Reply
    EAEatShit says:

    Shitty game. Every time I try to play a game, it tells me “New match data available” “Would you like to download it ? If not, default data will be used.” I click OK, and then I try to play a game and it says the same thing again.

  79. Reply
    Chang Wei Han says:

    every time i login into fifa they always say new match data available and then they show me my club that I support,then tell me the club that I chose when take effect from a certain date.

  80. Reply
    baker says:

    I had the same problems most of you have but recently it’s been working fine. But today when I opened the app it shows my squad straight. It has done this before and I just had to play a match, but I forgot to buy contracts and my keeper(finished contract) can’t switch out anywhere and I’m just stuck. Any suggestions?

    1. Reply
      EA SUCK says:

      try selling one of your not so valuable players and buy a contract, don’t worry I had the same problem and did this….. It works!

      1. Reply
        baker says:

        I’m playing on android phone and I can’t do anything at all. No option anywhere. I can only drag my player around.

  81. Reply
    Vasil Karazhekov says:

    The game is stuck on the home screen,happens only when the account is connected to Facebook. Happens on both iOS and Android.

  82. Reply
    EA SUCK says:

    Whenever I claim my rewards on the game it says “the objectives are currently unavailable Please try again later” And I had an 83+ rated BPL team ALL GONE. I mean what the hell EA this game, Jesus Christ, FIX NOW OR ITS A CRAP GAME. Oh my god.

    1. Reply
      Frustrated says:

      My objectives are currently unavailable as well. 4 gold packs that I can’t claim. If I lose my 82 overall BPL team I’m gonna lose it.

    2. Reply
      Dec says:

      I have the same issue, it wont give me my rewards for the manager objectives and everytime i try it crashes the game or i get a similar message – I hope they get a fix in place for this soon as i am losing my patience and may just find a new game to play!

  83. Reply
    Bobby Tuck says:

    SAME HERE AFTER I TAP THE CONTINUE IT JUST STOP THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPEN EA ????PLEASE FIX IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Reply
    marcel says:

    every time i try to go to my objectives it says objectives not available at this time i reinstalled the game and restarted my computer but it still doesnt work but the thing is if im logged out of facebook it works but when im logged in it doesnt how can i fix this some one help me plz!

  85. Reply
    Johannes Dube says:

    I always get that annoying “Error, “status 409 Callld 1002 message and then it stays on the “connecting to server” screen and will never go into the game. It’s frustrating because I used my data to download the game multiple times hoping for the problem to go away. I don’t understand why I have to go online before I can even access the game. This is my second Samsung android tablet and the problem is the same. I never had any issues with Fifa 14 and I could still enjoy the game offline. Not so much with 15

  86. Reply
    Bunniefan4 says:

    Every time I complete an objective, the game won’t let me claim the reward and give me an error message saying that “The objectives are currently unavailable. Please try again later”. Then, when I exit the app, it discards the objectives I just completed and I have to redo them.

  87. Reply
    Emily says:

    Can’t access objectives, not earning coins for game wins, keeps crashing & taking forever to load! I love this game, but not anymore 🙁 please fix it!!!

  88. Reply
    ruben says:

    If i start the game. Sometimes it turnsback to the hole beginning and i neer tot play a match hut i cant becausr a player Neede more contract but i can’t ad more contract’s

  89. Reply
    Krishna says:

    When i click on “TAP TO CONTINUE” it freezes and I’m very upset with this say me good suggestion to undergo this problem..

    1. Reply
      Ricardo says:

      It just happened to me and i am connected to Facebook on it and i cant do anything. Connection goes out after each game. So its practically useless.

  90. Reply
    Danielo says:

    I got problems since 3 days ago on android (I tried it in a Tablet and in Android emulator for PC with the same luck: When the game starts and connect to the servers, I press “Tap to continue”, then the game show me a reward of coins for connect every day but the screen got freeze… after 30-60 seconds (or so) the game is totally closed;cannot go into the game. Also, before this problem occurs to me, talking about objetives, I cannot get some of it: Reward for buy a player dont work for me (I buy two different players and still appear the buy player objetive as active), also Reward for physical form dont work for me (I spend some form cards but the objetive is not updated)

  91. Reply
    Sam says:

    FIFA 15 UT is stuck on the my squad screen. I have ran out of contracts for some of my players, and I have no option to go and buy anymore. I really need this fixed if anyone has had the same problem let me know because I need to get my FIFA fix in. Its been like this for the past 3 days if that helps.

  92. Reply
    TAhi'r AziZik says:

    i dont no what’s the problem ??? everything was normal but a week ago till now i cant play fifa 15 on iphone 5s when the game starts in the starting a message appears((( this account is currently blocked due to suspicious behavior . try again later))) help plzz zzzzzzzzzzzz

  93. Reply
    Luis Cabrera says:

    So I have completed all the objectives except for “RESPECT!,” but on the OBJECTIVES tab when you go to squad, it says 70/75. I have no idea what the hell, if anyone has the solution holla back please!

  94. Reply
    Kori9 says:

    I bought some healing packs and tried to add it to squad or use it with my injured players but i cant since consumables does not show healing option plz help. All my players are injured

  95. Reply
    Fix it says:

    Why does consumables won’t show healing, cause my players are injured and I can’t heal them
    Fix it man. Can’t play FIFA no more man, need to fix it

  96. Reply
    Fix it says:

    Also if one of my players got a red card it says that it’s injured that I have to use heal but I can’t cause u know why fix it

  97. Reply
    Tournament says:

    Crashed in the middle of a tournament game. Now the tournament is stuck.
    It’s not possible to play any game in the tournament.

  98. Reply
    Help says:

    I can’t even log in and it restarted I had a 84 above rank team. How can I get my team back? My game restarted and I have all bronzes.

  99. Reply
    Jack Carroll says:

    When i click into my fifa 15 i can connect but when im on the main screen it back out and ive to start the app again and it continues to do so how do i fix it? I log in with my facebook to play it too

  100. Reply
    Vikas Rawat says:

    My FIFA UT Mobile App is not loading since today evening…i updated yesterday and from last two hours its not loading. i reinstalled also and then it worked once but after that when i opened again it just doesnt diplays the TAP TO CONTINUE BUTTON …it just crashes and goes back to home page everytiime.

    Kindly look into the matter at the earliest possible.I use my FB account to login and i have all progress saved.

  101. Reply
    Lollollolollol says:

    I can’t swap players in my club. Once I swap a player, the game crashes and says “error 1021/475”. Pls fix the problem. The only thing I can play in FUT 15 is the Games of the week. I have not been playing any matches in the season. Pls do not lose my data like other FUT users

  102. Reply
    fifa player says:

    “Haven’t been able to connect since the update. I just updated the
    game and since that I have been unable to start the game. After the load
    screen it just stays on the connect to server and stays that way.never says ‘tap to continue’plz help because i have worked many hours on this team and this is the best football game ever.

  103. Reply
    fifa player says:

    sorry this is on ios . i Haven’t been able to connect since the update. I just updated the
    game and since that I have been unable to start the game. After the load

    screen it just stays on the connect to server and stays that way.never
    says ‘tap to continue’ plz help because i have worked many hours on this
    team and this is the best football game ever.

  104. Reply
    A.r.s says:

    I have not been able to connect on the app (iOS) & I bought the season pack in March and I have not received my pack in 2 weeks now going to 3 & that’s really frustrating me because I have not gotten my pack which I payed money for

  105. Reply
    Daniyal says:

    My phone’s keyboard is not supporting FIFA 15 because they are saying to answer the query and it is in + and – so please unblock my account so I can access my account and they say that I am a robot and it’s been 2 days.Please unlock my account you lazy people.

  106. Reply
    Abhish says:

    Since the last update i cant improve my active squad for the new series. Whenever i am trying to change any player it is kicking me out of the server. Please find a solution to this problem asap

  107. Reply
    Anthony Ashley Cooper says:

    I alm also getting probs with the game which is with the contracts i buy them store them in ma club but i dont get it they take my money nd dnt even fiv me my contracts wtf is dis i very angry nd frustrated now!! For this reason i m nt able to play the game i spent almost 3k on contracts nd didnt get ny!! Plzz E.A fix this issue!!!!

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