FIFA 15 problems apparent with Companion app


Whether you’re a fan of Lionel Messi at Barcelona or Man Utd’s Radamel Falcao you may have a common bond in being FIFA 15 fans. It was only yesterday that we gave readers details of the EA Sports FIFA 15 Companion app for Android devices. However, in response to this article we received some comments and emails from readers and it appears that FIFA 15 problems are apparent with the Companion app.

The Android app has recently become available at Google Play, and requires an Origin account connected to FIFA 15 on a PC or console. Ultimate Team features of the app require you to have a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Club. This is all well and good but it seems there are issues.

One reader commented, “The app was working fine last night and this morning. Now it keeps coming up with an error message!” Another person wrote, “Not able to make transfers so the app is pretty pointless at present!”

We weren’t sure if these were isolated incidents so we’ve taken a look at user comments on the app description on Google Play, only to find other comments about problems along a similar vein. As well as the usual complaints about FIFA’s servers there are also some more specific concerns.

FIFA 15 Companion app problems apparent

For example one user commented, “Needs work. Transfers not available, opening packs is though. (I wonder why that is eh. Probably because EA get you to spend money) team of the week won’t display and even though friends share the squads I can’t see them. Is it too much to ask that a £50 game has a proper functioning app?”

Another wrote, “For some reason can’t make any changes to my active squad or even save it. Whenever I change a sub for a player it keeps saying the player cannot be found.” Yet another said, “Packs 2 days on the trot I got 500 coins for logging in and didn’t receive em and today I got a free pack and it’s disappeared what the hell is wrong u ppl fix and test the app before u put it on play store.”

Although there is the odd high rating, many users are only giving the app a one or two star rating, with one person saying they gave the last version a five star rating but only one this time around. Incidentally for Lionel Messi fans among you, the screenshot we’re showing here shows the FC Barcelona man himself.

We’d really like to hear from readers about the EA Sports FIFA 15 Companion app for Android. Are you one of those who are having problems with the app? Let us know the nature of your difficulties with it by sending your comments to us.


11 thoughts on “FIFA 15 problems apparent with Companion app”

  1. Mark bragg says:

    I think it’s shocking how they will let u open gold packs so they get fifa coins back in the circle and when u get phoo in your gold pack witch seems to be all the time with me I carnt put them on the transfer market and track them nor can I search for players to buy why is this Shocking app

  2. ryan says:

    Joke off an app only thing i can use is see my active squad an subs cant do anythink else Pointless app ive also lost 20 pound buyin credit opening packs and my players etc everythink has gone disappeared worst 55 pound on a game plus extras joke snm apl is dodgy

  3. tom says:

    App with a decent interface, just a terrible underlying execution at present.

    The previous version was superb, it was more reliable than the transfer market on the PS4 (which also speaks volumes about the persistent bugs in FIFA on all platforms)

    This version seems unable to cope I assume, with server usage. It was fine for a few days and now just reports errors or servers unavailable. Since today my app just crashes.

    I’ve reinstalled it with no change.

    It’s a shame because It is a promising concept, but the implementation is really poor. It gives EA a bad name and whether it’s free or not, as a companion to an ever increasingly high priced game, EA should really put some of the development effort (of which I’m not sure there has been that much over FIFA 14) into bug fixing and testing.

    They seem to be good at marketing, similar to Apple; creating widespread hype over very minor feature tweaks, but where EA differ to apple is that their implementation is terrible.

  4. filippo says:

    Transfer not available on my android phone.
    I am not able to play the game all the time so trading makes it fun.
    Not anymore.
    I have xbox360.

  5. Kira says:

    I opened up the app this morning and found that it had taken half of my players away and left me to have just over 150 coins, does anyone happen to know why or how I can fix this?

  6. Dan says:

    I cant even get on the game. Im connected to my origin account but when its loading on to the game it says ‘server unavailible…’ This Is really annoying because it never lets me on the game. Why does it do that EA. How can i fix it?

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