Motorola i1 coming to SouthernLINC Wireless


It was recently announced by Motorola and SouthernLINC Wireless that they planned to release the recently unveiled Motorola i1, the first push to talk Android based Smartphone on the iDEN network. The handset is expected to be available at all SouthernLINC Wireless sales and service locations, authorised dealers and through the company’s website during the […]

Motorola Milestone gets Android 2.1 in Europe


It looks like the long wait is almost over as the Android 2.1 software update for the Motorola Milestone is finally available for users all over Europe. That according to a report over on apparently Motorola officially announced the move on their Facebook page and have stated that the solution will be deployed starting […]

Video: HTC HD2 Takes On the Motorola Droid

Video: HTC HD2 Takes On the Motorola Droid

The HTC HD2 has recently gone live with the HTC HD2 over in the States but how does the HTC HD2 stand up against the Motorola Droid? Well we have a video smack-down of the HTC HD2 on T-Mobile that goes up against arguable the most popular Android smartphone, the Motorola Droid. The video smack-down […]

Motorola Milestone OS 2.1 OTA Update, waiting for DROID!


The Motorola MILESTONE got the official Android 2.1 update last week and hot on its tail comes the latest version of Android operating system Over-The-Air (OTA). This is good news because it means you do NOT have to use computers or wires, just in case you do not know already the update gives you support […]

Verizon Wireless Offer Motorola Devour at $149.99

Verizon Wireless Offer Motorola Devour at $149.99

If you are a Big Red customer who has been waiting to grab hold of the Android toting Motorola Devour smartphone you’ll be pleased to hear that Motorola and Verizon has now made the Motorola Devour available in stores and online reports mobile crunch. So what will it hit your pocket to gain the QWERTY […]

Verizon Motorola Devour on sale, what about iPhone and Nexus One?


Yesterday we reported that Verizon is now officially selling the Motorola Devour through its website, but what about the iPhone and Nexus One. Some say that the Devour is the next best thing to the more expensive Droid, but to tell you the truth the masses would prefer an iPhone or the Google Nexus One […]

Just $150 on Verizon Motorola Devour


There has been numerous rumours and leaks surrounding the Motorola Devour and now we have some really good news thanks to the guys over at via Verizon that the Motorola Devour is now officially on sale through Verizon. The Smartphone is sold online as well as in Verizon shops as an alternative to the […]

Sense comes to Motorola Droid with UI ROM

Sense comes to Motorola Droid with UI ROM

Developers and hackers continue on their sacred quest to deliver the HTC Sense user interface to the Android packing Motorola Droid smartphone, and it appears they are somewhat further along and have made available an experimental Alpha release reports engadget. However, not everything is available yet to the Motorola Droid , data is there when […]

Motorola Milestone Android 2.1 firmware update, Europe coming soon


The Motorola Milestone Android 2.1 firmware update is now here, the servers have been updated for those in Hong Kong and Macau. This new update will make its way into Europe soon according to Engadget, the reason they say this is because the inclusion of a Dutch language pack reveals a little information. The update […]

CTIA 2010 Video: iDEN Motorola i1 Hands-on

CTIA 2010 Video: iDEN Motorola i1 Hands-on

The new Motorola i1 iDEN Android smartphone was shown during CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas and the guys from phone dog where there to grab a little hands-on time with the latest device from Motorola, and of course they captured the event for our viewing pleasure. We have that Motorola i1 smartphone hands-on video for […]