Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with new Exynos 5 Octa 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with new Exynos 5 Octa 2

The Samsung Galaxy S4 already has the Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset, but a new one will make its debut next week. Yes, Samsung has just officially announced that there will be a new Exynos 5 Octa processer to improve performance and power. It is great to here that the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 2, […]

Nokia Siemens borrows 1.2 billion: NSN struggle


After its initial setup back in 2007, Nokia Siemens Networks was on a downward spiral. This decline was brought to a head in November of last year when NSN announced that it would be cutting its workforce by nearly a quarter losing 17,000 jobs.

Update: Siemens Manager Siegfried Russwurm will replace Eduardo Montes

Update: Siemens Manager Siegfried Russwurm will replace Eduardo Montes

NOKIA PRESS RELEASE October 7, 2008 We have just recieved an ammended press release from Nokia Siemens regarding the change in Nokia Siemens Board of Directors, we have posted it below for you. Please note: Below is the corrected version of the press release published at October 7, 2008 at 11.15 CET (+ 1): A […]

Nokia Siemens: Network Board of Director change

Nokia Siemens: Network Board of Director change

We have been emailed the lasted director changes over at Nokia Siemens, so we have posted it below for you to have a good look to. NOKIA PRESS RELEASE October 7, 2008 A change in the Nokia Siemens Networks Board of Directors: Siemens Manager Siegfried Russwurm replaces Eduardo Montes Espoo, Finland – Eduardo Montes, 57, […]

Earth friendly cordless home telephones from Siemens.


Yes folks, Siemens do actually manufacture cordless home telephones, and although you won’t see Siemens grabbing hold of a huge chunk of the market or going up against some of the more notable compnaies out there in telephone world, they do on rare occasion launch a new phones that look awesome. And it’s time for […]

BenQ Siemens CL71 Automatic Slider Multimedia Phone

Now this is a nice looking phone and that is our personal view, this is an elegant sleek slider phone from BenQ Siemens and is called the CL71 and with the automatic slider mechanism makes it even more appealing to the eye and the user. The slider glides upwards with ease and smoothness to make […]

The Sexy Siemens CL75 Poppy Phone

Now talk about adding a little bit of feminine to a mobile phone, ladies we are sure you will love this phone as it is very stylish indeed with the gorgeous poppy flower printed on the front, even you men who like to show your feminine side could and will love this phone. This is […]

BenQ Siemens EF81 Flip Phone

This is the all new mobile phone called the BenQ-Siemens EF81 and what a superb phone it is, as you have probaly seen advertised all over the TV we thought we should let you know more about the phone instead of some measly pictures the Television shows you. The EF81 is a very stylish and […]

Siemens S75 Mobile

COMING SOON for 2006 – Siemens have yet done it again with this amazing little beauty and which is coming to the market in 2006. The features on this phone are quite good for example the style for starters is very nice and looks are what you want as well as functionality. This is very […]

Siemens SG75 Mobile

This is a great mobile from Siemens and which offers a great look and functionality, this is the latest 3G phone and is of Titanium colour. This SG75 model has an awesome semi automatic slider 176×220 pixel display which is 2 inches. 1.3 mega pixel camera to take very nice pictures with great quality to […]