iPhone 5 takes on Galaxy S3 in HTML5 comparison battle

iPhone 5 takes on Galaxy S3 in HTML5 comparison battle

I’m sure most are aware that Adobe flash support for the Android platform will be stopping at some point in the future due to the war against HTML5, and it has been said that HTML5 is the future albeit not yet being widely implemented. But what about HTML5 performance on Apple latest iOS smartphone compared […]

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg HTML5 regrets and native Android app

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg HTML5 regrets and native Android app

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has now admitted that betting on HTML5 rather than going native with the Facebook mobile app was one of the biggest mistakes the company has made, and as such Zuckerberg has stated that they will drop HTML5 in their Android application as well, and that a native version would become available […]

HTML5 gaming with real-time multiplayer BrowserQuest

HTML5 gaming with real-time multiplayer BrowserQuest

There are numerous ways for gamers to enjoy their pass time of playing games these days, whether it’s on a dedicated games console or by other means. Today we have news of HTML 5 gaming thanks to the multiplayer BrowserQuest. Web browser giant Mozilla has teamed up with Web design studio Little Workshop to create […]

New HTML5 Tether for iPhone pre-order ready


You may previously have heard about iTether, an app launched last year allowing users to tether their iPhone to a computer and get away with not having to pay any other carrier charges by using it as a web connection. iTether was short-lived in the App Store but it’s back and this time around it’s […]

HTML5 / Android Jobs: Trends point to increase

HTML5 _ Android Jobs- Trends point to increase

It is safe to say that HTML 5 and Android when it comes to the fastest moving online jobs with the Freelancer Fast 50, this is very interesting indeed and so much so that Android jobs are doing very well and on pace to eclipse iPhone work by end of 2012. Despite the growth of […]

Flash on iPhone via SkyFire: Renders Video Into HTML5

Flash on iPhone via SkyFire- Renders Video Into HTML5

Thanks to the new SkyFire app being released to the Apple Store on Thursday it is now possible to have flash on the iPhone, you know the app that was submitted to 2 months ago that is now approved. There is no love what so ever between Apple and Adobe when it comes to flash […]

Adobe Teams-Up to Convert Flash to Apple HTML5

Adobe Teams-Up to Convery Flash to Apple HTML5

Steve Jobs is very clear when he says that Adobe Flash has too many flaws and will not allow it on the iPhone or iPad platforms, but as usual Adobe finds away to sort something out. According to Tony Bradley via PC World Adobe has partnered with Greystripe that will work around the Flash Ban […]

No Flash on iPhone or iPad, HTML5 Video via CBS.com


Like the iPhone, the Apple iPad does not support the flash plugin but as they say who cares. Steve Jobs is all up for HTML5. MacRumors and The Other Mac Blog, reports that CBS.com is testing out the iPad and its compatible playback, well ahead of its April 3 launch. Ok the new video is […]