Nokia Android phone speculation denied

Nokia Android phone speculation denied

No doubt although it seems Windows Phone is doing rather well for Nokia there will always be some speculation that Nokia should have opted to go with the Android operating system. However they didn’t, although we did report that there was a possibility a Nokia Android phone was on the cards the other day due […]

Nokia Android phone possibility grows

nokia could use android

It is well documented that many smartphone fans started to ignore offerings from Finnish manufacturer Nokia partly because of the software used on the handsets. To improve things the company decided to ditch Symbian in favour of the Microsoft Windows Phone platform, but it seems a Nokia Android handset is still a possibility. When Nokia […]

QOOQ Linux/QT tablet for foodies, Revolutionizes Meal Preparation

QOOQ Linux/QT tablet for foodies, Revolutionizes Meal Preparation

Do you enjoy preparing food in your kitchen and wouldn’t mind owning a tablet that can help transform the process of at home cooking, along with gaining content from leading chefs? Well, if you are in the USA, French firm UNOWHY has now announced the launch of the QOOQ tablet, which is the first interactive […]

Samsung $500K per year Linux Foundation Platinum membership


It seems that Samsung is stepping up its battle against Apple once again with news that the South Korean company is investing $500k per year to pay for Linux Foundation Platinum membership. Samsung has been gathering momentum and is making the most of its current position in the market by striking while the iron is […]

Dock smartphones to run Ubuntu for Android

Dock smartphones to run Ubuntu for Android

Canonical wants to bring the Ubuntu Linux operating system to the mobile space and has now announced the next step towards that goal by announcing Ubuntu for Android, designed to coexist on a user’s multi-core smartphone and to launch the Ubuntu desktop once a handset is docked with a monitor or keyboard. According to the […]

Chef’s guide to new Qooq tablet, specs rundown


The art of cooking is either something that you’ve got or something that you haven’t! Although you can be trained in the art it can take years of practice to be able to create a masterpiece. Now while a lot of us possess the basic skills to put a decent meal on the table, we […]

HTC EVO 3D ADK runs Linux & Windows 95/ 98/ XP

HTC EVO 3D ADK runs Linux & Windows 95/98/XP

For those that love tinkering with their smartphone, if you own an HTC EVO 3D smartphone it appears there is now a way of running a computer operating system on the Android handset rather than a mobile one, and apparently the process of doing so is somewhat easy and quick, although personally I’m not sure […]

New open source Linux-based Spark tablet

New open source Linux-based Spark tablet

Well it appears that there’s a new 7-inch tablet heading for the mobile space that isn’t an Android based slate for once, but will rather run the open source Linux based operating system along with the KDE Plasma Active user interface and the tablet is known as the Spark tablet. According to an article over […]

Linux – phone grabbed by Vodafone


Celebrations all round for the LiMO Foundation as Vodafone endorse two great handsets from Samsung, although news that the Linux based alternative isn’t dead and buried will not go down too well over at Symbian. The LiMO Foundation have already apparently launched some 42 handsets using it’s platform, but these affairs are closed with interest […]

Poll: Can Nokia tackle Apple iPhone Linux battle?


Nokia Oyj will attempt to try and tackle Apple Inc’s iPhone again in the top end range of handsets in the market with a bet on Linux software. The first high end phone will be running on Maemo, which is a version of Linux and is expected to be shown next week at the Nokia […]