Will AT&T users stay around or choose Verizon with iPhone-like phone?

Will AT&T users stay around or choose Verizon with iPhone-like phone?

With AT&T’s exclusivity over the Apple iPhone, one would expect AT&T to have been coining it in, but apparently that presumption is wrong according to an article ob WSJ. Apparently AT&T may have been getting the blunt end of the stick while Apple coffers have been growing. The word is AT&T’s profit margins have been […]

Upcoming BlackBerry Curve 2, Sholes and Storm 2 Verizon phones


Wow, have we got some exciting news for you a brilliant outline of some of Verizon Wireless upcoming handset release dates. First we have the Motorola Sholes a phone that was assumed by many of us wouldn’t be launching until a lot later in the year. It appears that we could see that hit Verizon […]

New Verizon Wireless Escapade Dual Band Phone Release today August 21


Verizon Wireless have announced that the new Verizon Wireless Escapade will be available on line at www.verizonwireless.com and also in Verizon Wireless Stores on August 21st. This is certainly a must have phone for globetrotters, the Escapade’s quad band network capabilities allow users to place voice calls in ore than 220 destinations worldwide. Some of […]

Verizon to release mobile phone version of FiOS TV Integration


On Wednesday, Verizon Communications Inc, showed off the skill to combine its FiOS TV service and a mobile phone. They are keen to improve their features to stay in the television game. There is currently a fight for television subscribers and Verizon are stuck in the middle, coming up against satellite companies and cable providers. […]

Samsung U960 Rogue and U450 spotted online, photos


The Samsung U960 Rogue and U450 have been spotted. We have photo evidence. The picture on the right is of the U450, This is to be retailing as an entry-level QWERTY device. The Verizon phone will not only have the full slide-out keyboard but also have the original numeric keypad, this makes things easier for […]

Verizon Wireless Create, Enter, Win contest: Apply your ideas


It’s is coming near to the time when Verizon are going to be launching their app store, they have arranged an “Apply Your Ideas” contest for developers. The contest kicked on 14th August, it lets developers submit applications in 5 categories, these are: Guide, Entertain, Connect, Enhance Living and Save Time. The applications have to […]

SVDO simultaneous data and call handling announced

SVDO simultaneous data and call handling announced

According to an article over on wmexperts, the CDMA Development Group has now announced their “CDMA2000 1x Advanced Specifications” and look to be quite a significant upgrade to EV-DO networks like Verizon and Sprint in the US. One significant advance is that it allows networks to increase voice capacity by taking advantage of numerous interference […]

BlackBerry Curve 8520: Two new colours pop-up on system


The BlackBerry Curve 8520 has already launched on a number of GSM carriers, the CDMA version has yet to be rolled out. Thinking back historically, the release of the CDMA version of a BlackBerry can often be a year on from the GSM debut. Having said that new information posted over on BerryScoop shows that […]

Verizon HTC Touch Pro2 shown yet again for fun


No matter which carrier the HTC Touch Pro2 smartphone goes with, these in the wild images are sure to please prospective HTC Touch Pro2 owners. Verizon is getting their version of the phone to go up against sprint’s version of the phone; the new model is a great deal longer. The device info screen shows, […]

Seattle And Boston gains first 4G Calls thanks to Verizon


Verizon have something to be quite chuffed about and quite rightly so they celebrate completing their first 4G calls in Seattle and Boston. It was a campaign and the challenge was to be the first among cellular operators to roll out a fourth generation network. The calls mark a baby step in rolling out a […]