The LG Shine Goes Flip and Gold Style Baby

The stunning phone from LG called the Shine will defiantly be shining now seeing as the mobile phone has been dipped in gold and not only that there is another version of the Shine which will be a flip style phone.

The LG Shine already looks stunning and yes shiny but with 2 more new versions on the way which are planned for release sooner or later (not sure on dates). So we have the normal LG Shine then the new sexy shiny gold slider version, yes gold (nice), the second version will be a flip LG Shine version.

LG Shine Gold

LG Shine

The flip version will be going to Verizon first round about July.

If you like the LG Shine so much then why not buy one click HERE.

Source – Gizmodo


12 thoughts on “The LG Shine Goes Flip and Gold Style Baby”

  1. summer says:

    wow. i really want this phone, it is absolutely gorgous . i want / need a new phone cause i have a razr and its a piece of shit.
    is the lg shine a good phone ?

  2. lilo says:

    I have the LG Shine Flip in silver, and quite honestly I’m in love with it and I’ve had it for over a month now. Lithium Ion battery, amazing camera, great for texting (has T9 word), awesome wallpapers, sounds and animations–I love it and I’m so happy I’m on a 3-year plan, that way I can stick with my phone and won’t have to buy a new one until university!

  3. smknkeyz says:

    This phone is a piece of shit. I’ve had it sometime now. Will not connect to ANY bluetooth device. Constantly drops signal, screen cant be seen in daylight…I could go on and on…I thought it was a great looking phone when I got it, but now realize I have to look closer next time…..anyone wanna buy mine?

  4. suze says:

    at first i loved this fone and it was awsum. but i have had this fone for 6 months and the camra has stopped working, the volume and camra and voice dialing buttons dont work, and now jus recently the side arrow buttons and menu and contacts buttons have stopped working.. so i no longer can get around in my menu. it suks . i wud not recomend this fone to anyone

  5. comedykid says:

    the flip shine is an absolute peice of shit mine melt (literally) it heats up really quick and i left it on for like three days and it melted on the back!!!! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE EVER EVER EVER IT SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!

  6. LADYgagaluver says:

    it did the same thing to meee!!!! it melted!!! i sent mine back and it happened again so i cancelled my plan and got a new phone!!!! i luv my new phone

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