Danger New Sound Alert: Excuse me turn this Nokia Phone off or I will Burn Up

We all know by leaving your mobile phone on charge, on standby or plugged in unnecessarily can be dangerous, so Nokia decided to enable a little plan which will help this stop. The new idea is that the Nokia mobile phones will give you a sound alert when they have regenerated. The new phones they have started this on are the Nokia 1200, 1208 and 1650 handsets.

This new setup will encourage you to turn the chargers off from their sockets, there are a number off things where this idea is good and they are for starters turning the mobile phones off from charging unnecessarily can be fatal and in some cases burning and catching fire pretty rare but it happens and the other good thing is it will save electricity.

Do you think these new sound alerts to switch off from charging are a good idea or a bad one?


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