Apple Rumours: Hot rumour of 3G iPhone 22 percent thinner plus has GPS

More Apple rumours readers, we have already reported to you the other day about the Apple 3G iPhone being subsidized in order to boost sales and that the handset in the UK will only cost £100 thanks to O2 (See Here), well we have more news thanks to a tipster.

The latest news is that the Apple iPhone 3G version will be 22 percent thinner, yes we did say 22%. The hot tip came via a programmer who was at a major software publisher who claims to have seen the specs for the Apple iPhone version 2. We already know it will have 3G which is obvious, plus it will also have GPS according to the source below. There will be two models which are the 16GB model and the 32GB model instead of the what we have now 8GB and 16GB models.

We are not 100 percent sure on this rumour of the 3G iPhone being 22% thinner, but mark our words we will reveal all as soon as we hear confirmation of the real specifications. What would you like to see on the new Apple 3G iPhone? Go on say what you would like and you never know it might happen. Check out our related links below for more Apple iPhone news.

Source — CultofMac


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  1. Alejo says:

    We are expecting it in Spain for 99€ with Movistar on June the 18th. The company made a mistake the past weekend publishing the add for the new Apple iPhone.

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