Apple 3G iPhone Insight: What is real and what is not, rumours galore

We have talked about the Apple 3G iPhone and of course we love to give you an insight of everything to do with this new iPhone 2.0, the question is “The real deal will happen on the 9th June, so how many more rumours can you handle?

We know that many unofficial sites have said a lot about this new device that is coming soon and of course we are one of those sites, but we try to report what is out there and of course what everyone is saying. What pictures are real and what are not, what are the real specs and what are not, I mean we could go on endlessly about this device till the cows come home, the fact of the matter is we will only know the truth when it officially launches this month. Many people are asking “Could there be an iPhone 2.0 firmware delay? Who knows is the answer here, but according to TUAW they claim that the WWDC might not see the release of the official iPhone 2.0 firmware on June 9th after all!

We know that it is obvious that the iPhone 2.0 firmware will be released, but words are flying around that it will come late June instead of June 9th, it may if come in early July, TUAW said ““Apple’s deal with the cell carriers — currently, Apple has to give the cell carriers a “first look” at the new firmware before it can ship; normally this takes around 1-2 weeks.” TUAW also claimed that even though the Apple iPhone 2.0 firmware is going “gold master” this week the mobile phones companies still need at least one to two weeks for testing and if after the tests nothing needs changing then it will indeed be released to the public. All in all it is a fact that the iPhone 2.0 firmware is the most talked about at the WWDC. It is at Beta stage and Apple will not release it until it is completely ready.

Moving back to the pictures, we have published some ourselves, and we have 3 posts you can see which are Apple 3G iPhone pictures in the flesh: Check these hot pics out (See Here), Apple 3G iPhone on its way and casing images show possible new design (See Here) and Yet another supposed real Apple 3G iPhone photo what you think? (See Here). Just ponder a little.

A little more insight is that with an application store giving us a massive amount of new programs for the existing iPhone and the all new 3G iPhone we can nothing more than huge sales, not everyone will trade in there old iPhone for the new one, so it only stands to reason that they should continue with many apps for both versions of the iPhone. The competition is strong to say the least this year, and must admit this year so far has been the most exciting for me because of all the strong competition, we have the Apple 3G iPhone coming and with such technologies like the HTC Touch Diamond we can see a mobile phone war about to happen, the main feature on the HTC device is that of the awesome touch screen interface called TouchFlo 3D which basically makes the original TouchFlo boring,, out of date and basic. We can see Apple standing in a corner trying to beat HTC, yet again we will have to wait and see.

The Touch Diamond Interface is very good indeed but we must all remember that it is NOT a multi-touch interface. Now we here at Phones Review want to say this to Steve Jobs “Give us all the specs please, then we and our readers will know if we would want to trade or not? Got to admit though Apple is clever because we have not stopped talking about this phone since we have heard about it, and this is clearly what they want.

4 more days to go readers for the awesome launch of the Apple 3G iPhone.


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