Will Steve Jobs deliver real flexibility in price for the Apple 3G iPhone?

The Apple iPhone is without a doubt one of the most usable mobile devices by consumers and of course when it was released it had many options including new applications, jail-breaked, plus different tariffs to suit everybody’s needs, the question has to be “Will Steve Jobs deliver real flexibility in price for the Apple 3G iPhone?

There have been so many rumours over the last few weeks about the second generation Apple iPhone some maybe being true and obviously some being just basic jibber jabber, we told you about the 3G iPhone pricing possibility which we title “Apple 3G iPhone in UK for only £100: O2 subsidise new model” (See Here), well all we have to say is that today is the day where the truth comes out, all the balls and chains will be removed today as Steve Jobs will give more flexibility to the price.

What ever the price will be, we know that people will still buy the Apple 3G iPhone based on the fact the first Apple iPhone has been a major success with no major complaints. The United States will also see a price set today which we would have to say AT&T will determine what the real price will be for the Apple iPhone 3G, we would have to say like the UK AT&T will also subsidize the 3G iPhone price but obviously this is dependant on the kind of service agreement you sign up to.

Please do keep coming back because the Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 starts today and all the rumours will be put aside for the real deal about the Apple 3G iPhone. We will give you all the breaking news today and obviously up to the point of sale of the iPhone.

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