Phones Review Apple 3G iPhone Coverage of WWDC 2008 Keynote: Recap

As you may all be aware of the Coverage of WWDC 2008 Keynote is on today at 10AM San Francisco time about the Apple 3G iPhone with Steve Jobs and of course the times are different in the UK, we will be covering all news as it comes it. The time is here readers where today and all this week we will be giving you updates, news, pricing, specifications and everything to do with the new version of the awesome Apple iPhone.

We will squash all those rumours, we want to give you all the reading pleasures you deserve, the main and possibly the biggest rumour to date has to be the photos of the Apple 3G iPhone which must say the post we done called “Apple 3G iPhone pictures in the flesh: Check these hot pics out” (See Here) are very hot indeed and hopefully the device does come looking like this, we also told you about “PAYG Apple 3G iPhone plus free upgrade for existing customers, game on O2” (See Here) plus “Apple Rumours: Hot rumour of 3G iPhone 22 percent thinner plus has GPS” (See Here), we even told you about the “Apple 3G iPhone in UK for only £100: O2 subsidise new model” (See Here). Now all of these may be rumours or may even be true, but what we do know is that all these will be revealed as from today.

It is hard at the moment to try and confirm anything just yet, but confirmation will be reported as of today after the WWDC 2008 Keynote. News that we have also reported is “SlingPlayer” which is a very popular video playing client that will allow streaming from a home server or even SlingBox, to certain devices. Symbian and Windows Mobile are definitely notable platforms with the support and that the iPhone with its very generous screen seems a natural and likely candidate. Obviously yet again this many thought it was a rumour but it has been apparently confirmed by a demo video making it onto the internet. There have been mystery boxes in Apple Stores all over the world which you must have heard about, the Apple 3G iPhone seems to be taking over the world with everybody talking about this device and nothing else, there are no confirmed pictures so everybody will just have to sit back and relax and wait for us to reveal all.

The rumours always come in thick and fast to do with the iPhone 2.0 and another was Apple launching iChat for the iPhone, iChat is a recognized application and this application on the device will make it highly familiar with Mac owners, of course the chit-chat also says that Windows is rumored to see iChat as well.

Right all the above is speculation which could be false or indeed true, all we say is we will give you all the updates as they come in from Apple WWDC 2008 Keynote which is on today Monday June 9th 10AM San Francisco, Steve Job should give us all the latest on the Apple 3G iPhone.

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