Phones Review team calling all mobile companies: well-spun evaluations

The Phones Review team is calling all mobile phone and mobile related companies to participate in what we believe to be the best advertising to date, many sites charge lots of money to advertise and we want to cut that out.

We charge £500 per month to place a 125 x 125 advert under the Phones Review sponsor section which is site wide, we also get many products sent to us which we keep and in return we offer you technically well-spun and in-depth evaluation of the product.

We will tell our readers how it is; we give full hands-on reviews and of course take many photos of the product. Products are reviewed by a team of proficient individuals.

We review products that are sent to us more than once, for example an out of the box and first impressions review; we also do reviews on functionality and usability and so forth.

So why pay immense amounts of money for advertising when you will get full on reviews for the price of the product, all reviews we do will have links within the article for our readers to follow which will lead them direct to your desired source.

Here are a couple of examples of the many reviews we will do for you — LG SecretLG Viewty part 1LG Viewty part 2

For more information on the above please do contact us via our contact page.

Hope to hear from you all soon


One thought on “Phones Review team calling all mobile companies: well-spun evaluations”

  1. Ian Kemmish says:

    As an occasional readers, I’d like to remind your potential sponsors that I have never yet seen any article here that contained useful information, and would certainly never base a purchase on anything seen on this site.

    Oh, and I also have ad-blocking software installed 🙂

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