Ridiculous trashy I Am Rich app for iPhone causes rumpus

Last week there was an application available at Apple’s App Store known as “I Am Rich”, a fairly pointless and ridiculous application that placed a “jewel” on your iPhone handset, and did absolutely nothing else except cost the buyer a cool $1,000.

I posted on this ridiculous iPhone application previously (see here) the German creator of “I Am Rich” Armin Heinrich says it was a joke, and states: “I found that some users complain about prices for iPhone applications above 99 cents. I regard it as art. I did not expect many people to buy it and did not expect all the fuss about it.”

Well apparently this humour was somehow lost in transition as eight people purchased the “I Am Rich” app which earns Mr. Heinrich a cool $5,600 which equates to 70% and Apple keeping the remaining 30%.

Apple subsequently informed Heinrich that 2 sales had been reversed as they had been purchased by mistake.

Heinrich apparently was bombarded by phone messages and emails to which he says: “It’s O.K. to return the money. I did not want to harm anybody with my app.”

As usual, Apple decline to comment, but one can’t help wondering if they should be held responsible for allowing this trash type of application to be on the App Store in the first place. Mainly because buyers of applications have no way of trying out the apps first.

Get your act together Apple, and stop this kind of app before too many people get ripped off.

Source — The New York Times

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