Fake Polish iPhone 3G lines denial by Orange

The net waves have been rolling with reports that it is possible the Apple iPhone 3G isn’t doing as well in Poland as elsewhere, and this stems from a report that Orange actually paid actors to stand in line to make it look as if the Apple iPhone 3G was in great demand.

I reported previously on this deception by Orange (see here) However, apparently Orange is now saying this is not true.

Orange is saying any rumours that the company hired people to stand outside stores in Poland and give the impression of demand by use of creating phony lines is untrue.

Apparently an Orange official sent an e-mail to queries from AdAge: “In response to the rumours in the Polish press.”

“As part of the excitement around the launch of the iPhone, some of our team have been joining customers outside our shops. Their aim is to welcome people to the Orange shop, share in their excitement and give information about Orange tariffs.”

So it appears that according to Orange, whoever broke this report got it wrong, but then again, Orange doesn’t deceive customers do they, after all they did admit to slowing 3G data speeds didn’t they?

I wonder if “some of the team” were easily recognisable as Orange team members.

Source — AdAge via macdailynews

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